10 Budget Summer Date Ideas

10 Budget Summer Date Ideas

If you’re anything like me and Gary, you’re constantly searching for fun date ideas, but a night out doesn’t always fit in your budget. Today, I’m sharing 10 budget summer date ideas!

01. Take a road trip – We love road trips! Every time we visit our family, it’s a 6-hour road trip, so we like to make the most of them. Take a little road trip out of your city to a small town and walk around some of the local stores or plan a road trip to a big city near you!

02. Have a movie night with friends – We used to do this in college all the time! Our group of friends would all meet at the boy’s apartment and invite their friends. Everyone brought a snack and we would screen a movie from our projector onto the wall. It was so much fun that Gary and I think we’re going to start doing this with our friends in Indy!

03. Visit the farmer’s market – I love visiting the farmer’s markets and supporting small businesses. We went to one this weekend and had such a good time talking with some of the vendors and looking through the items. If you’re an Indy local, make sure you check out the Franklin Farmer’s Market!

04. Find the best __ in your city – Gary and I have resolved to find the best acai bowls in Indy! Grab your significant other and decide on something you both would like to find the best of. Do a little research and visit all the places that offer whatever you’re looking for!

05. Create a summer bucket list – Creating a summer bucket list has been so fun for us. We wrote down a bunch of ideas we’d like to do over the summer. It’s great because if we’re ever looking for something to do, we can just refer back to our bucket list!

06. Go to a drive-in movie – Drive-in movies can be a budget-friendly option to try this summer! The tickets are cheap and you can bring as much food as you want!

07. Attend a concert in the park – If you enjoy live music, why not check out a concert in the park series? A lot of cities have their own version, but they’re all normally free or low cost.

08. Try a DIY – If you’re anything like me, you like getting your hands dirty and building something. Think about what you need in your home and try creating it yourself! Here’s one I’ve been wanting to try.

09. Get outside – G and I love hiking, walking, riding bikes, and playing sports. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather and sunny sky! Find a basketball court near you and play a round of horse or one-on-one!

10. Have a picnic – Pack a lunch and some snacks from home, find a shady little spot, and have a picnic! If you’re an Indy native, there are some really good spots at White River State Park.

Do you have any budget summer date ideas? If so, share them with me down below (I’m always looking for ideas)!