10 Items to Pack for a Tropical Honeymoon

10 Things You Need for a Tropical Honeymoon


After having been back from Gary and I’s honeymoon for a few weeks now, I was thinking about what I packed and what items worked and which didn’t work. So, I thought I’d share with you the 10 items that I think you definitely need to pack for a tropical honeymoon.

The first item I’d recommend bringing is a coverup, preferably one that you can wear as a dress too. That way, you can just throw it on top of your swimsuit and go out to eat not feeling like you need to bring along a change of clothes. I like this one and this one.

The second item I would bring is a good pair of denim shorts. For me, denim shorts are essential because you can just pair them with your bikini or with a cute tank top. My favorites are these.

The third item is a romper. I think rompers are so easy to throw on when I have no idea to wear, but want to look put together. I love the versatility of rompers because they can be dressed down or dressed up. On your honeymoon, you can wear a romper as a coverup or out to dinner. The options are endless! I love this romper.

The fourth item is a pair of espadrilles. I bought a pair on a whim and I wear them almost every day! I love them so much! I think they are a great option to take on a tropical honeymoon or vacation because they look good with everything. I really want this pair.

The fifth item is a pair of sunglasses. This is one of those things that’s a “duh,” but I thought they still needed to be added. I’m dying for this pair, but my wallet would hate me.

The sixth item is a beach bag. I found a really cute beach bag a few months before my trip and debated taking it with me as I needed the space in my luggage. However, I’m so happy I brought it along. Gary and I used it every single day and packed it full with towels, water, and books. I’d recommend something like this.

The seventh item is a hat. I brought two along with me on our honeymoon in Hawaii and they were so useful, especially when I wanted to hide my face from the sun! I really like this one and this one.

The eighth item is a pair of Chacos. Going to the beach and walking through the sand with flip flops is literally my worst nightmare. I think the best route is to bring a pair of Chacos because they are perfect for the beach, for hiking, and for walking around an outdoor mall. I have a pair similar to these and love them.

The ninth item is a bikini. Depending on how long you will be in your tropical paradise, you need a few swimsuits. I buy mine from Victoria’s Secret and love them. Out of the ones I have, I especially love this one.

The tenth item is a rashguard. This may not be for everyone, but I think bringing one along is a good idea in case of sunburn or water activities. I bought this one in Hawaii and love it.

What items would you be sure to take on your tropical honeymoon?