10 Lifestyle Must-Haves for Winter

10 Lifestyle Must-Haves for Winter

Winter is upon us! Having moved further North and to a new state, G and I had no idea what to expect in regards to the upcoming winter season in Indiana. However, everyone’s been telling us to brace ourselves for the coldest four months of our lives! I’m not going to lie, this scares me a little bit mainly because I grew up in Florida and Alabama where the weather is just different, obviously. In order to get myself to embrace the winter season with all it’s cold weather and traveling for holidays, I decided to purchase a few things and add some items to my wishlist I thought I’d need with the Christmas season and colder weather coming soon. Here are ten lifestyle must-haves that I’ve recently purchased and wished for!tarte in bloom paletteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
01. A puffy jacket. I mentioned that I bought this jacket in last Sunday’s post and I can’t get over it! I bought this jacket on a whim – I didn’t want to buy anything over the black Friday weekend, but the thought of winter in Indiana scared me into buying a bigger jacket. I love the style with its removable hood, buttoned pockets, and tie around the waist. Part of me never thought I could pull off a jacket like this because my biggest fear is looking like I’m wearing a sleeping bag, but when it’s cold outside, I’ll do almost anything to stay warm!


02. A blanket scarf. I also mentioned that I bought a blanket scarf over the weekend. I love blanket scarves because they are so big and thick, so they keep you so much warmer than a smaller scarf! The one I bought is frayed on the ends with blocked colors of wine/maroon, baby blue, baby pink, and white.


03. Rain boots. I bought a pair of black, rubber rain boots from Target (like these) a few months ago and have loved wearing them. They come up just above the ankles, which I love because I can tuck my jeans into them. I think they’ll be perfect to wear when we get snow!


04. Beanies. My aunt and uncle sent me a scarf and a beanie for my birthday with baubles on them, which I was so excited about receiving because I don’t have enough cold weather accessories! I have a black beanie on my Christmas list this year, so hopefully I’ll receive that and have two little hats to keep me warm this winter.


05. A backpack. With all the traveling and back and forth G and I will be doing the next couple of months, I wanted something to put my laptop in, but that would also look sleek like a purse (since my purse is too small, my faux leather backpack is falling apart, and my Patagonia backpack is too big). Gary let me pick out a faux leather, black backpack for my birthday and I’m in love with it! I’m not one to follow trends, but I couldn’t help myself and decided to buy a little grey, fur pom pom and clip it to the bag. It’s adorable, though Gary says it reminds him of a kids backpack with the pom pom on it (#sorrynotsorry).


06. Mittens. I haven’t bought mittens yet, but they’re on my wishlist! I wanted the first snow mittens from Anthropologie, but unfortunately, they don’t sell them anymore so I’m hoping someone will buy them off of eBay for me! I love the look of mittens over gloves- I think they’re so cute.


07. A glowy foundation. ……TALK ABOUT NEW FOUNDATION…. Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid. For me, a foundation that makes my skin look dewy and glowy is an essential in the winter. My dry skin gets even drier and looks dehydrated all the time, which isn’t a good look.
I’ve also been loving my Tarte In Bloom palette that I received for my birthday. This eyeshadow has so many great shades for winter like shimmery golds and coppers and matte dark reds and browns!

08. Cookie Cutters. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is when my mom, my sister, and I all make desserts. Every year, we bake cookies and other sweet treats, decorate them, and then take them to parties or give them to friends. This year, since G and I won’t be able to head back to Alabama until right before Christmas, I’m planning on making some desserts on my own to take with us, so when I saw a set of copper cookie cutters in TJMaxx a few weeks ago, I bought them on the spot! I love all the different ones they have – the gingerbread men are always my favorite.


09. Nail polish. I paint my nails once a week, but I usually stick to the same colors. However, this year, I’ve welcomed a new shade into my winter collection. I have Wet n Wild’s color “Haze of Love” that my friend Marybeth gave me and I’ve had it on repeat! It’s such a great shade – it’s like a dark red that’s on the verge of a wine shade. I love it so much as I’m not a big wearer of the traditional bright red. During this time of year, I also really enjoy wearing sparkly golds and pastels – they’re perfect for winter!


10. A small purse. With all the Christmas parties going on, I like to have a smaller bag to carry my essentials in. I received a small Kate Spade bag for my birthday and have been loving carrying it. It’s big enough to fit my phone, large wallet, sunglasses, gum, and hand sanitizer.

What lifestyle must-have item for winter would you add?

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