10 Spring Date Ideas You’ll Love

10 Spring Date Ideas You’ll Love

The temperatures are warming up and flowers are starting to bloom! Though my allergies hate it, I’ve been anticipating spring for the last two months. I’m so excited to get back outside and walk around Indy while enjoying fewer layers. One of mine and Gary’s favorite things to do on the weekends during the warmer months is to get out and explore the city – the parks, new restaurants, and more! Today I thought I’d share 10 spring date ideas for you and your significant other (plus, I’ve added some Indy-specific areas to visit)!

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01. Visit your local farmers market – if you’re in Indy, here’s a list of farmers markets to visit.

02. Find a trail and go bike riding – we usually ride the Monon since it’s so close to where we live!

03. Try out new smoothies and juices – Natural Born Juicers has great, fresh smoothies and juices. We love the Orange Dreamsicle!

04. Visit a theme park – if you live in Indiana, Holiday World is a great option (they open in May). Gary and I have been wanting to go since we moved here! If you’ve been, let me know below!

05. Attend an outdoor concert – I’ve heard that White River State Park has really good outdoor concerts!

06. Go on a hike – We’ve heard Eagle Creek is amazing, so we can’t wait to get out there when the weather warms up!

07. Create an outdoor space – If you have a balcony or backyard, set up some string lights and floor pillows and get outside! Here are some cute outdoor space ideas.

08. Make your own acai bowls – Acai bowls are my favorite and have been for the past year! They are so good (plus they’re healthy) and easy to make. Here’s a simple recipe.

09. Plant a garden or make your own terrarium – Here’s some DIY terrarium inspiration.

10. Try all different foods from food trucks – Here are the best Indianapolis food trucks.

What spring date ideas do you have?

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