5 Minute Makeup Routine with Maskcara Beauty

5 Minute Makeup Routine with Maskcara Beauty

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a makeup routine, so I thought today would be the perfect day because I’ve recently changed up my makeup and made the switch to Maskcara Beauty! You can find out more about Maskcara here. Let’s get into my new 5-minute makeup routine!

What is IIID Foundation?

I think I need to start off by talking about why I fell in love with Maskcara first before I get started with the makeup routine because it has a lot to do with just how quick I can apply my makeup now! The idea behind IIID foundation is that regular foundation is applied in layers over the skin and requires many products and tools as well as making the face look flat. Whereas, IIID foundation, is made up of priming, highlight, contour, blush, illuminator, and blending that gives your face a IIID effect. You can learn more about IIID foundation here. Because I’m only applying makeup where I need it and there are less products to use, I can apply my whole face in five minutes!

My 5 Minute Makeup Routine
Step One.
Exfoliate & Moisturize – exfoliating and moisturizing is SO important when it comes to applying makeup. I want my foundation to go on effortlessly and even, so I’m always making sure my skin is exfoliated and moisturized before applying makeup. I also like to use a primer so that there’s a layer in between my makeup and skin to prevent any pore-clogging since my skin is extremely sensitive. I’ve been using this exfoliator, this moisturizer, and this primer. Though, I can’t wait to get my hands on Maskcara’s Milk Moisturizer!

Step Two. Apply highlight – I use the shades Moonlit and White Peach. I use Moonlit under my eyes in an upside-down triangle shape and White Peach down the sides of my nose, between my brows, on my forehead, on my chin, and along my jawline. I use this brush and have recently used this brush more often as it allows me to get a more full-coverage look when I’m having a breakout.

Step Three. Apply contour – I use the shade Ash and sculpt my face by applying it with this brush around the edges of my face, down my neck, on the sides of my nose, and underneath my cheekbones. I especially love this shade of contour because, with such fair skin, it can be so hard to find a contour that doesn’t look orangey!

Step Four. Apply blush – I’ve been using Pink Grapefruit almost daily and love it! I apply this to the apples of my cheeks and the color looks so natural on my skin.

Step Five. Apply illuminator – I’m so in love with Maskcara’s illuminator because it’s so creamy and looks beautiful on the skin! I use the shade Honey and apply it with my fingers to the tops of my cheekbones, on my cupid’s bow, and under my brows.

Once everything has been applied, I take my IIID perfector sponge and blend everything in. I also like to apply a tiny amount of the Vanilla Dust Setting Powder in my T-zone to make sure nothing moves throughout the day!

As for my eyebrows and mascara, I use this NYX tinted brow mascara in the shade Chocolate and this L’Oreal mascara (that I’m obsessed with!).

Maskcara makeup has completely changed my makeup game. I now use fewer products, take less time doing my makeup, and hoard fewer products!

I hope you all enjoyed my 5-minute makeup routine!

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