5 Must-Have Tools Every Blogger Needs

5 Must-Have Tools Every Blogger Needs

Blogging can sometimes be overwhelming – you need to post a few photos on Instagram, tweet throughout the day, Snapchat bits of your day, write posts, take photos, the list goes on. In today’s post, I’m telling you about 5 must-have tools I think every blogger needs to make the load of blogging a little bit lighter.

01. Buffer. I love Buffer because it allows me to schedule my tweets in advance throughout the week. I definitely don’t have time to take time out of my day to live tweet, though sometimes I do once or twice during the day, so Buffer is really handy! I usually schedule tweets at the beginning of the week to notify my followers about new posts up or other blogger’s posts I want to share. We all know that Twitter’s 140 character limit can sometimes be difficult to stay beneath, but Buffer makes it easy by shortening links for you.

02. Calendar/Planner. As simple as it sounds, it’s very important for me to have a calendar and a planner to keep track of what post is going up when. I use the calendar view in my planner to list out my posts and the days they go live. In the weekly view section of my planner, I plan each week according to what posts are going live. I list out the tasks I need to do such as creating social media posts, scheduling blog posts, and taking photos.

03. Reminders. I know that Buffer has a feature that will notify you when to post an Instagram photo and there are resources you can pay for, but I think the reminders app on my iPhone is so much simpler (and doesn’t cost anything) for me to use. I usually set a reminder to notify me when I need to post an IG photo, what photo to post, and what the caption should read, so all I have to do is post the photo and fill out the description.

04. Notebook. I’m crazy in love with notebooks (you know I love stationery). I know it seems slightly old-fashioned, but the pen and paper setup is so functional for blogging. I use notebooks to list out ideas, keep track of my editorial calendar, and outline the content I have in mind for each specific post.

05. Camera. For Gary and I, a camera is a life investment (not just a blogging one) due to the countless memories it can capture. That’s why we invested in a camera and a GoPro about two years ago and recently upgraded our camera. I think iPhone photography can be beautiful if you have the right editing tools, but in general, if you’re interested in blogging and documenting your life, a powerful camera is one of the best tools on the market.

What do you think is a must-have tool for bloggers?