5 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

5 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

I find that looking for an apartment is rather addictive – I love comparing apartments, finding that perfect kitchen with a great amount of counter space, a balcony, and a spacious closet. It’s so much fun! I’ve probably spent too much time than I’d like to recognize searching for a new apartment for us. I finally found the one that’s perfect for us and our needs, which we’re really excited about! Though finding the one isn’t an easy process, there are ways you can make it easier on yourself when looking for a new apartment. Here are 5 questions to ask the rental property before signing the dotted line:

01. How long is your lease term? Do you offer monthly rent discounts for longer lease terms? When considering the most important questions you can ask, figuring out the lease term should be at the top of your list. Some apartments offer flexible leasing options, while others stick to the standard 12-month and/or month-to-month setup. Either way, you’ll want to ensure that the apartment offers a rental structure that suits your purposes. It’s also good to know because signing up for a longer lease (usually 13-14 month) could lead to a cheaper monthly rent charge!

02. What is your guest policy? Are there any special requirements for guests? I would’ve never thought about this question until we moved to Indy. When we moved here, we found out that our guests had to find parking on the street, which is super difficult on the weekends, and that our guests couldn’t go to the pool without specific wristbands. It’s always good to check the guest policies at a property if you plan on being visited by friends or family members (especially if your guest would be staying for an extended period of time).

03. What’s your policy for reporting and/or dealing with neighborhood disturbances? We’ve never personally had to deal with any major disturbances of any kind, but we do have a super loud neighbor who stomps around all the time above us. For us, it’s not that big of a deal, but some people are bothered by excess noise. At our apartment, there is a 24/7 phone line to call and a police offer on-site in case any issues arise. Make sure you ask what your property’s policy is for reporting and responding to neighborhood disturbances.

04. Do you offer free pest-control services? This is a very important question for us personally because we’ve both lived in roach-infested apartments (I’m still scarred from it). Some apartments have free pest-control services which simply require placing a maintenance request with the office. Usually, these services consist of an individual conducting a brief inspection and spraying your apartment with insect-killing spray. If you’re concerned about bugs (like we are!), just ask!

05. Are there any parking requirements and/or fees? This question will definitely depend on where you live (suburbia vs. city), but it’s good to ask just in case. For example, at our current apartment, it’s a fee of $85 a month for a parking spot. In contrast, parking at our new apartment we’re going to be moving into is 100% free! I think it’s a good question to ask just so there are no unexpected fees once you move in.

What other questions would you include in this list?