5 Steps to a More Productive Week

5 Steps to a More Productive Week

Being productive is of utmost importance to my daily life. I’ve always been the girl that gets places ten minutes early, is always prepared, and is super efficient with my time, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Here’s how I keep myself on track for a productive week:

01. Get up early & make the bed. A productive day for me always starts with getting up around 7 a.m. and making the bed right away. When I’m up earlier, it makes me feel as though the whole day is at my fingertips, while making my bed clears my mind and makes my room look put together.

02.Write & prioritize lists. Each morning, I make a list of what I need to get done that day. Once I’ve written down a list, I edit it down to make sure I have the time to accomplish each task. Though I’m the kind of person who likes to work on many different things at once, I’ve been trying to focus on one task at a time while reducing distractions (which I’ve written a little bit more about here). I love the feeling of satisfaction when each item is crossed off my list!

03. Meal plan. Gone are my days scrounging in my pantry for food wondering what I’d eat for my next meal. I’ve completely ditched buying groceries on an impromptu basis and impulse buying. Instead, I’ve started meal planning. Since starting to meal plan, I’ve used my time more efficiently by not searching for what I’ll make for dinner – everything is already on the books. I’ve written an entire post about how we meal plan here.

04. Plan ahead. On Sundays, I like to map out my week. Gary and I sit down and talk through our schedules for the week and add in the activities we are doing together. We plan everything out on iCal so that we can see what we’ve both got going on. We use color-coded calendars for different areas of our life such as Gary’s work, my blog meetings, etc. Another way I like to plan ahead is scheduling my blog posts ahead of time. I always strive to have blog posts done a week or a few days ahead of time.

05. Don’t overwork yourself. One huge topic that is going around is “hustling.” While I do think it’s important to work hard, I think overworking can be damaging to our quality of life. Not overworking yourself can look like many different things, but for me specifically, it looks like taking 5-minute breaks throughout the work day, not working at least one day out of the weekend, and putting my phone away at night so I won’t be tempted to work.

What do you do to have a productive week?