5 Steps to Creating the Best Berry Acai Bowl

5 Steps to Creating the Best Berry Acai Bowl

If you don’t follow me on Snapchat (“carrieharr”), you probably wouldn’t know my love for acai bowls. I discovered them about a year ago, but never really got into them until a few months ago. I never understood the hype, but once I tried my first one, I was sold. I love fruit, smoothies, granola, and honey. What could be better than an acai bowl?

Everywhere Gary and I have traveled the last few months, I’ve looked for an acai bowl in the area. I’ve learned that Hawaii and L.A. have some killer acai bowls and such a great selection, but not everywhere does – I’m looking at you, Indianapolis. So, what do I do now that I’m in a city without a great selection of acai bowls? Make my own of course. Today, I’m going to give you five easy steps to creating the best acai bowl.

What you’ll need:
-A blender
-Acai smoothie pack
-Fresh fruit (I like bananas, blueberries, and strawberries)
-Frozen fruit (medley or 1 banana)
-Apple juice (or a juice of your choosing)

Step 1: Wash and cut up fresh fruit for topping.
Step 2:
Blend 1 cup of frozen fruit with acai smoothie pack and 1/4 cup of apple juice until thick like a smoothie.
For frozen fruit, I like this one from Target, but I sometimes buy other kinds if this one isn’t on sale. I also really like exchanging the frozen fruit medley for 1 frozen banana. It tastes really good too!
For acai smoothie packs, I buy the Original Blend packs from Sambazon. If you’re in Indiana, you can buy these at Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market.
For apple juice, this is my favorite kind.
Step 3: Pour acai smoothie blend into a bowl.
Step 4: Top with fresh fruit (an Instagram-worthy design is recommended), granola, and honey.
Step 5: Enjoy!

Do you like acai bowls? Tell me your favorite acai bowl recipe!