5 Steps to Soft and Silky Hair

5 Steps to Soft and Silky Hair

I’ve had a few questions about my hair and how I get it to look so smooth after I posted a photo of my hair on Instagram, so today I thought I’d walk you through five steps to getting soft and silky hair! Maybe I should give you a little background: I recently had my hair cut to more of a blunt bob, which I wrote all about here. My hair is thick, naturally straight, and goes poofy if I blowdry it! I hope this gives you a bit of insight before we begin. I’ve left all the hair products I use regularly down below for you to check out as well!

01. Wash hair & let it dry overnight night – A huge proponent of keeping soft hair for me is washing my hair at night and letting it air dry while I’m asleep. If it’s blow dried or dries naturally during the day, it’s extremely poofy and somewhat frizzy. I’ve found that washing my hair at night and giving it time to dry overnight are the main factors of keeping my hair silky.

02. Use heat – I know that using heat on my hair constantly isn’t good for it, but it helps remove all the frizz from my hair. Once I’ve styled it once, the frizz is gone and my hair will hold the style until the next wash. When the frizz has been removed, my hair looks so much shinier!

03. Apply Moroccan oil – I started using Moroccan oil in my hair over five years ago. I pump a pea sized amount and apply it straight to my hair. I like to pull my fingers through the hair and then lay down all the flyaways. This helps it look smooth and makes it silky to the touch.

04. Limit washing – Washing my hair has always been such a hassle for me – I have super thick hair, so washing it well has always taken so much time. A few years ago, I decided I was spending so much time washing my hair (and paying for refilling shampoo constantly) and changed my routine to washing my hair twice a week. I honestly think that limiting the amount of times I wash my hair a week has made my hair so much healthier.

05. Take Vitamin D – I started taking Vitamin D a few months ago and I’ve seen such a difference in my hair! Vitamin D makes hair healthy and strong while promoting growth. I think it’s definitely made an impact on the healthiness of my hair.

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