50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I think it’s really important to reflect often on things that bring joy to my life. When I’m taking the time to reflect on the important things in my life, it brings me so much perspective and contentment. I’ve seen a few people listing out things that make them happy and I’ve really enjoyed reading them, so I decided to create my own list. Here are 50 things that make me happy:

01. Walking through an airport with luggage in tow

02. Gary and the sound of him opening the door when he comes home from work

03. Reading by our windows

04. Getting my hair cut

05. Polaroid pictures

06. Baking

07. Hawaiian beaches

08. Sweet potatoes with cinnamon, brown sugar, and marshmallows

09. Walking through Sephora & Target

10. Packing for a trip

11. Hearing the rain outside the window

12. French fries

13. Saturday mornings

14. Chunky sweaters

15. Learning how to do something on my own

16. The smell of fresh laundry

17. Writing my blog

18. Reading the Harry Potter books (and watching the movies)

19. Spending time outdoors

20. Receiving a package in the mail

21. Planning trips

22. Reading blogs

23. Laughing so hard I cry

24. Seeing snow

25. Sweet tea

26. Clean makeup brushes

27. Swimming

28. Binge watching tv shows with G

29. Cooking

30. Having the windows open during fall

31. Hot chocolate

32. My family

33. Saving up for something I really want

34. Calligraphy

35. Documentaries

36. Acai bowls

37. When people comment on my blog

38. Decorating Christmas cookies

39. California rolls + edamame

40. A clean apartment

41. When people laugh at my jokes

42. YouTube

43. Reuniting with someone I haven’t seen in a while

44. Leggings

45. Drinking tea in the morning

46. GIFs

47. New notebooks and stationery

48. Getting my nails done

49. Looking through old photos

50. Black shoes

Now tell me, what makes you happy?