A Hair Change + Review!

A Hair Change + Review!

I’m absolutely kicking myself for not taking my camera along!

I’ve been looking for a new hair salon the past few months because I wasn’t happy with my last haircut, so while on Instagram one day, I stumbled upon Suite Escape: Beauty Retreat. I looked around their website and booked an appointment on a whim. Spoiler alert: I’m so glad I did!

I walked into my appointment a few minutes early and was greeted by Mollie and a beautiful little shop. I was basically drooling when I walked in – everything was so cute! They had a porch swing, old dressers for hair stations, vintage chairs, and cute prints hanging on the walls! It was a total girl’s retreat and I loved all of it!

Once Mollie took me to her station, I explained what I wanted and instantly knew I was in good hands. She went above and beyond to make sure I loved my hair and took the time to explain what techniques she was using and why. Halfway through my appointment, I asked Mollie if we could go an inch shorter than I originally told her and she had no problem staying longer to cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. I went outside my comfort zone and ended up having about four inches taken off! I love the style of my hair now – it’s more of a bob, which is a huge change!

At the salon, they use all Davines products, which Mollie was telling me about during my appointment. All I have to say about the products is: they smell SO good (update: my hair still smells good)! Davines is an Italian company who prides themselves on their quality products and sustainable beauty. They use natural ingredients in their products and their packaging is created from recycled materials. I’ve linked a few Davines products down below so you can check them out! You can read more about Davines here.

I can say, hands down, that this was the best hair salon I’ve been to (and trust me, I’ve seen them all). From walking in the door to leaving my appointment, I felt welcomed and never once worried about how my hair would turn out. Mollie was so warm and easy to talk to! Throughout my entire appointment, I felt like I was talking to a friend that I had known forever.

Overall, I had a great experience at Suite Escape and plan on going back for a trim! If you live in Indy, I highly recommend checking them out!

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