Activewear You Need for the New Year

Activewear You Need for the New Year

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With the beginning of the new year already gone and past, I’ve begun working towards the goals I set for myself. One of my goals was to be committed to fitness. Sure, I’ve tried and failed when it comes to sticking to a routine, but I’ve realized how much it changes my mood when I do exercise! Having played volleyball all year round for six years while I was in school, I dropped the ball when it came to working out in college. Since then, I’ve never been able to get back into a routine because I realized I didn’t like the typical exercises – I just loved playing volleyball! Almost six years later, I’ve realized that (the older I get!) I need fitness in my life. However, a big motivational factor for me is the clothes I wear when working out. Sure, it may be a little over the top, but who doesn’t like a new pair of leggings, a cute top, and amazing sneakers?? Today I’m sharing all the cute activewear you need for the new year! (I’ve linked all Aerie pieces because they are having a HUGE sale right now and I’m obsessed with their activewear! They are such good quality at a great price.)



Sports Bras

Athletic Shoes

Is fitness one of your goals for the new year??

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