Apartment Inspiration | Bedroom

Apartment Inspiration | Bedroom

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If you’ve read my other apartment inspiration post, you’d know that Gary and I are moving to a bigger space in the coming months. I’ve been looking everywhere for apartment inspiration and collecting my ideas here, on the blog. Today, I’m sharing some bedroom inspiration with you!

01. One of the main themes in my bedroom inspiration so far is a simple look. I love the clean and airy spaces above. There’s not too much going on, just thoughtful pieces to make the rooms look clean and fresh. We only have a bed and two nightstands for our new bedroom, so I’m happy we can start fresh when moving to our new place.

02. I love mixed woods! They give a rustic, homey feel to every room. Our current headboard is wood, so I’d like to continue the theme and get a wooden ladder or wall hanging to bring it all together.

03. I’m a huge lover of white and blush pink bedding. I think they brighten up a room and give the space so much light and crispness. We currently have a grey duvet and seafoam sheets, but I think I’d like to bring a little more light into our room by changing them up with some light-colored bedding.

04. I’m loving lots of pillows, fuzzy rugs, and textured blankets! When adding a large rug, multiple pillows, and a blanket, the combination makes a room feel comfortable and welcoming. I’m looking for two rugs (one for each side of the bed), more pillows, and a blanket for the edge of the bed.

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