Apartment Inspiration | Living Room

Apartment Inspiration | Living Room

If you’re signed up for my monthly newsletter, you’d know that Gary and I have decided to move apartments in the coming months! We knew we’d only live downtown briefly because we wanted to get to know the city when we first moved to Indy. Plus, it’s just us two, so we don’t take up too much space and knew that we could survive in a tiny apartment. Since I’ve been thinking about how I want to decorate our new apartment,  I thought I’d start sharing some apartment inspiration by room during the next few months.

01. I love simple throws and pillows on couches. Right now, our couch is completely bare, so I think I want some different textures and colors for new pillows. I’m thinking blush pink, white, and grey for a color scheme!

02. I’ve definitely noticed myself being drawn towards plants lately. I have two succulents in our apartment now, but they sit on the window sill, so they’re not really seen. For our next place, I really want to buy some beautiful vases so I can have flowers and greenery in our apartment regularly. They bring so much life to a small space.

03. I’ve also noticed a love for knick knacks to add a nice touch to the furniture. I find simple knick knacks like this geometric shape to be so cute and make an apartment or house to feel more like a home.

04. I also really want a wooden coffee table. I love mixing colors and styles, so I think a wooden coffee table would compliment our black couch well.

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