Benefits of Working From Home

Benefits of Working From Home

I’ve talked about working from home before, but today I thought I’d share the positive aspects of my new lifestyle. These are just a few benefits that I’ve experienced myself over the last few months. Don’t let the list fool you – there are downsides to working from home as well. Read on for more!

01. There’s no dress code. One of the biggest benefits for me working at home is that I can wear whatever I want. I remember the struggle of not knowing what the heck to wear to class, my internship, and work. I felt like I always repeated my outfits and had nothing to wear! When you work from home, you can wear anything you want (my personal favorite is leggings and an XXL t-shirt)!

02. You don’t have to wear makeup. This may sound weird coming from a self-proclaimed makeup addict, but it’s so nice to not have to wear makeup every single day. I love makeup so much, but not wearing it every single day has definitely helped my skin.

03. Weird schedules are acceptable. One of my favorite things about working from home is that I can workout in the middle of the day and no one will question it. It pains me to have to wake up super early to hit the gym, so I just wait until I can’t focus on my work or need to break up my day and workout.

04. No work drama. Being at work in such close proximity to people for long hours can really get to some people. At various jobs I’ve worked over the years, there was always gossip and drama around the office (mostly about nothing). When you work at home, you only have yourself to worry about and no outside noise from coworkers.

05. The ability to save money. When I was working at an office, it was so tempting to go out for lunch with my co-workers. I struggled to say no because who would want to sit by themselves while everyone else went out for lunch? (not me, of course) The fact that I truly enjoyed the social aspect of spending time with coworkers made the decision even more difficult. Now, I save so much money by eating my lunches at home every day.

06. You don’t have to style your hair. Man, I’m sounding like a broken record going on about how I basically don’t like to look nice ever. I promise I care about the way I look, but when I’m at home, no one sees me, so you better believe I take advantage of looking like a bum. I love being able to just let my hair be and not feel as though I have to style it every single day for work.

07. Snack whenever you want. I remember being looked at funny when I would eat snacks at work. I am the kind of person that constantly needs to be snacking throughout the day, so I would have to sneak in snacks during my days at work. Since I work from home, I can eat whenever I want!

08. You can multitask. I’ve always been a big multitasker at work, but when people come and stop by your desk, it can be hard to keep a productive workflow going throughout the day. When you work from home, you can multitask the way you want to. There are some days where I sit in front of the tv and work, other days when I sit on the floor all day, and some that I play music loudly. The choice is completely up to you!

09. It’s possible to work from anywhere. It’s great to be able to work from home, but it’s even better when you can take your work anywhere! I love blogging because I can literally write and post from any location, whether that’s across the country or in the car. As long as I have an internet connection and tea (or coffee), I can get my daily work done at 100% efficiency. 

If you work from home, what’s something you enjoy about it?