Building a Successful Blog on Your Own Terms

Building a Successful Blog on Your Own Terms

There are so many blogs and bloggers out there today and sometimes it can feel like we’re all competing with one another. We compare our Instagram followers, our blog posts, our sponsorships. We’re told, “five ways to build a successful blog” or “how I earned $6,000 a month blogging” or “you won’t be successful unless you stick to one niche.” I feel like my social media feeds can be so easily saturated with topics of this kind and how seeing them can be disheartening if my blog isn’t “successful” by these terms. Today, I wanted to (hopefully) encourage you to ignore these topics and find your own way.

01. Think about why you started. I started my first blog back in 2012. I was reading blogs and was inspired by the bloggers I followed and I wanted to do that for someone else. I wanted to connect with someone else just like I felt a connection with the bloggers I followed. Find your “why” and pursue it.

02. Think about what keeps you going. When I think about why I’ve continued blogging, it’s not hard for me to find an answer. I am still blogging because of the comments I receive on my posts, the online community, and the ability to create. This is enough for me, but if you’re looking for money, you may not be content with this. Consider what you enjoy about blogging and keep it up.

03. Define your own success. For me, a successful blog is not one that makes six figures a year. A successful blog is one in that promotes positivity, is relatable, and is inspiring. My goal for my blog was never to make money, but maybe yours was and that’s great! I think you should define success by your own means and not what others say you should. If you define success as making an income for your blog, do it; if you define success as having a certain number of followers, do it; if you define success as creating a community, do it!

04. Do what you think is right. To be completely honest, I had a blog breakdown a few weeks ago because I felt as if my blog was too broad and wasn’t focused on one topic. There are so many webinars and posts about how a blogger should choose just one topic to discuss. I freaked out because if I wanted to be a “successful” blogger, I had to focus my blog. I soon realized that I could never talk about one subject for very long. I have so many interests and there’s no way I could narrow them down. My favorite blogs are the ones that discuss different subjects and don’t have one area of focus. If you’re having trouble with this like I did, just remember it’s your blog and you need to do what you think is right for your blog.

05. Build the blog of your dreams. This may sound so cheesy, but I think it’s important to build and create the blog that you want to read. The blog that you aspire to have can sometimes be difficult to pursue especially if you don’t have the funds or aren’t getting the sponsorships you want, but take baby steps! I wish I could flick a wand and poof! my photography would be amazing. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way, so I’m learning about my camera and photography when I have the time to and hopefully, my photography will get better and better. I recommend looking at the blogs you really enjoy reading and write down a list consisting of reasons why you like them – is it their photography? their vulnerability? their clothes? Once you’ve made a list, try implementing those things into your own blog.

How do you define a successful blog?