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Rambling about Fall and Love

I love this out of focus picture of me and Gary. This is such a typical picture of us

Wedding Planning – Venue Table Decor

As Gary and I’s wedding is just eight months away, I thought it would be fun to share our planning, ideas, and inspiration as we continue to anticipate our special day.

How to Stay Organized in College

As most of you know, college is a balancing act. Between class, a part-time job, club meetings, tutoring, an internship, trying to hit the gym at least once a week, group projects, and attempting to have a social life, college students have…

Little Ideas to Try This Weekend|1

This weekend, I’m moving to my new place and I’m so excited!

Candid Convos: What I’ve Learned After Completing Three Years of …

It’s that time of year again when families help pack and move their young adult to college in the hot summer heat. My family did just that this year for my younger sister as she moved to college to continue her…