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Travel Diary | Kauai, Hawaii Pt. 3

I’m back today with the final part of my Kauai travel diary! If you missed the other two, click here and here to read them.

Travel Diary | Kauai, Hawaii Pt. 2

Today, I’m continuing my travel diary of mine and Gary’s honeymoon to Kauai. If you missed part 1, check it out here.

Travel Diary | Kauai, Hawaii Pt. 1

After our plans to go to Italy were put on hold (we’ll take this trip one day soon!), Gary and I decided to travel to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We both had always wanted to visit, but it always seemed…

Travel Diary | Indianapolis, IN

Two weekends ago, Gary and I traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana and practically ate our way through the city. Prepare yourself to be hungry!