Coffee Chats | 1

Coffee Chats | 1

I thought it would be fun to have a little sit down with you all every now and then over coffee. After thinking about it, I came up with this little idea to just have a few topics to fill you in on in an informal way. I’d like you all to get to know me better and I’d like to get to know you better, too. So make yourself a cup of coffee and come chat with me!

I’ve broken down the topics of discussion into blog, personal, travel, beauty, and other just to cover a few different topics that I already talk about on the blog, but again, informally.

First things first – I’ve changed a few things around these parts. Namely, what I write about here on Carrie Elise. I had DIY on my blog since its inception, but while in school, I didn’t have access to my sewing machine and haven’t done any DIYs at all since I’ve graduated. Even though I’m in a new space, there isn’t enough room right now to accommodate my sewing machine and to be honest, I don’t really have a passion for crafting as much as I used to. Consequently, DIY is no longer an aspect of my blog anymore.

The DIY section of my blog has since been replaced with travel. Before Gary and I got married, we discussed our dreams and the lifestyle we wanted to have. We both agreed that we wanted a life full of travel, but obviously, it takes money to do so. I think it’s important to share the realistic side of travel and be open and honest about it, so I really want to incorporate content like that with my travel posts. I think it’ll be interesting to share the process of conception to actually traveling somewhere. Long story short, I’m excited to share new travel content with you all soon!

Gary and I are adjusting to downtown living quite well! If you didn’t see this post, Gary and I recently moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and are loving it. We have a tiny studio apartment that faces the East and gets so much light during the day (every blogger’s dream!). I couldn’t have asked for a better first place.

Although I don’t have a typical 9 to 5 job (you can read my thoughts on this here), Gary does and is encouraging me to live my dreams and passions right now. I’ve been getting asked “what do you do?” a lot recently, so I’m thinking about making a public service announcement (or a blog post) about my decision (ha!).

We aren’t traveling anywhere soon, much to my dismay (I really miss Hawaii!), but I have been intensely researching one place in particular that we are seriously considering traveling to (more on this later).

I’ve had my eyes set on this foundation since Lily Pebbles mentioned it in her Snapchat. I didn’t try the matte version since I don’t really go for matte foundations (other than this one I tried), but I really want to try out the Pro Glow. Plus, I need a cheap foundation that matches my skin when I fake tan!

Speaking of intensely researching things, I’ve been looking at lenses for my camera but have had the hardest time deciding on one. Cameras and lenses really confuse me because I’ve never really been educated on them – just self-teaching myself along the way. If you have any recommendations on E-mount lenses for Sonys or free photography guides, let me know!

Comment below and let me know where you’re reading from and one place you want to travel to!