Coffee Chats | 2

Coffee Chats | 2

Welcome back to Coffee Chats! You can find my first coffee chats post here if you missed it. This is the post that I kind of fill you in on my life and blog. It’s a little more detailed than my weekly Sunday Vibes posts. Read on for more!

There aren’t any new categories on the blog, but I’m hoping to work on the content I’m writing about. I want you to find my posts useful and informative, but remain personal and positive. I’ve been working on brainstorming throughout the past week and a half, but would love for you to message me or comment down below if you have any particular requests!

Gary and I are really finding our groove with being married, not that it was hard in the first place. We’ve been together for so long our relationship is so natural, but we’d never lived together before. We each know our household jobs, that we both look forward to the weekend so we can explore, and who does what at the grocery store (who pushes the cart, scratches out what we’ve picked up, etc), plus everything else that comes with married life. We are both loving living in a new city – I can’t believe we’ve been here for three months already! We go out and explore new places on the weekend and try to get out and walk around during the week too.

We are both really looking towards the holidays this year although we’ll have to split time between both of our families – thank goodness our parents live within 7 minutes of each other! I think we may be able to stay and visit for Christmas and New Years, which is exciting. Other than the holidays coming up, we have a few weddings to attend which makes me so happy! I love weddings so much, but this year I’m looking forward to going to the weddings married. I think it may be way more fun that way!

Gary and I traveled for the Labor Day weekend, but don’t have any travels planned for the rest of the month. We will be traveling during the next three months, though! I’m also planning a vacation for my family for next summer, which I’m super excited for. They call me a travel agent because I love planning and researching trips so much.

My mom and mother-in-law both asked for a wishlist for my birthday and Christmas this year, so I spotted a few things at Sephora and other sites that I’m putting on my list. Beauty-related products on the list consist of this Boscia face mask, this Sigma kabuki brush, the Tartlette In Bloom palette, Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, Mac’s 217 brush, Anastasia’s Contour Kit, Clinique’s Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil, and Clarisonic’s Mia 2.

I’ve been really enjoying “working from home”, but still get questions like “what do you do?” and I kind of freeze up and get embarrassed. I’m not good at selling myself or my strengths, so when I get this question I don’t know what to say and am just really vague. I’m always concerned that people think I sit at home and watch tv all day and just make Gary work because I don’t feel like doing anything. This is all so untrue, but I feel so self-conscious about not having a “real job” and sometimes I second guess myself and the decision I made. Then, I think about how miserable I was working my job and internship in college and not feeling fulfilled with what I was doing at all. I think about how blessed I am that I can chase my dreams without fear of failing or not having enough money to buy groceries.
I think it would be proper to give Gary a huge shoutout right now that I’m so thankful he believes in me and my passions and has encouraged me to follow my dreams!

I’m also working on another dream of mine. I’m really excited because I didn’t think I’d be able to act on it for quite some time, but I think as it goes with every dream, you have to learn to pivot and scratch ideas along the way.

What’s new with you?

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