Coffee Chats | 3

Coffee Chats | 3

Welcome back to Coffee Chats! You can find my last coffee chats post here if you missed it. This is the post that I kind of fill you in on my life and blog. It’s a little more detailed than my weekly Sunday Vibes posts. Read on for more!

I’ve been really looking forward to all of the Christmas and winter content I have planned for the blog! I’ve mentioned a few bits here and there, but I can’t wait to reveal some really exciting plans I have in store for you next week. Keep your eyes peeled!

I finally have a Facebook page for my blog and would love it if you gave it a like! I’ve been sharing behind-the-scenes looks into how I set up my photos and things like that, so if you’d like to see things like that, come on over and check it out!

Gary has been working nonstop on all different kinds of projects, so I’ve been really enjoying the weekends when we can just chill out. We celebrated my birthday last weekend and G really spoiled me! I had so much fun just going with the flow as he had the whole day planned out from beginning to end. We also picked out our Christmas tree and some ornaments. We plan on decorating for Christmas after we get back from the beach. I’m definitely going to share it with you guys once we’re finished!

As I mentioned in this post, G and I have really big travel plans in the upcoming year. I get so excited and giddy thinking about all the new places we’re going to see in 2017. Until then, we will be in Indy and then back to Alabama for Christmas and New Years. We have had so much fun traveling back and forth to see our families the last few months!

I have several new products to share with you in the upcoming months. I have products ranging from foundation to bronzer to palettes, so I can’t wait to tell you about them once I’ve tried them out for a little while! You’ll probably see a few here and there as I have plans to include them in a few posts, but I’ll post full reviews in good time.

I’m still working on my recommendations tab and working on filling it with posts. I haven’t been writing for it as much as I’d like recently since I’ve been preparing for vacation and Christmas, but expect to see more posts there soon!

I’ve been thinking about launching a newsletter in 2017 that will go out twice a month. It’s going to include bonus posts, announcements of exciting projects before they go on the blog, how-tos, stories, and other fun things! If you’re interested in it and would like to follow along, you can sign up here!