December Mood Board

December Mood Board

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December at a Glance
Listening to: 
My favorite Christmas albums – Celine Dion & Michael Buble 
Christmas movies!
Leggings, sweaters, and booties
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition 
Working on:
Stella & Tide. I’ve been at a standstill with S&T and I’ve really missed how much drive I had to get it up and running. I just kind of lost the direction I wanted to take it in. I’m really loving creating jewelry for my store and hope that I can turn it into something really great this month. 
Looking forward to: 
Going home for Christmas! I just saw my family last weekend, but I can’t wait until Christmas is here and we can make cookies, watch Christmas movies, and eat Christmas dinner. It’s the best time of the year!
(1) Hit another rank in my Maskcara business, (2) create a marketing plan for S&T, (3) send out our Christmas cards, (4) exercise twice a week – at least, (5) volunteer or give back somehow.

December is a very special month I’m sure in so many homes across the world. It’s a time for family, friends, giving, and faith. This year, I’m going all in for advent – we’ve created our own advent calendar with each day’s reading and chocolates, we’re doing a 25-day novena, celebrating all the feast days, and making a Jesse tree! Other than that, on my list of to-dos, I’ve also added that I want to create a vision board for 2018. I want to turn one of the walls of our office into a vision board with visual goals to accomplish in the coming year. I think it will really help me stay focused and inspired!

What are your plans for December?

  • Brooklyn W

    How’s do you have/make time for everything you do (blog, manage your store, make jewelry for your store, etc)? 🙂


    • Hey, Brooklyn! I’m extremely organized and type A when it comes to all of my work haha. Because I have so many things going on (Maskcara, being a virtual assistant, my blog, & my store), I know that if I’m not organized, I won’t succeed at anything.
      For my blog, I plan my posts a month in advance so I’m not waiting until the last minute to come up with something. For my VA services, I schedule a time to talk with my clients during the week and schedule my tasks to complete throughout the week. For Maskcara, I have a FB group that I schedule everything in advance like my blog and for my IG, I just share as I think about it. For my store, my husband helps me a lot with it. He does all the website maintenance while I do the Instagram, Pinterest, product descriptions, and pricing. I usually set aside one day to make all the jewelry at one time.

      In short, I plan monthly, weekly, and daily. If I don’t get to something, I’ll add it to the next day’s to-do list. Some days I work until 10 at night and others, I work half a day. I try to not overwork myself and instead, enjoy what I’m doing so I don’t burn myself out!