How to Get Organized for Fall

How to Get Organized for Fall

Fall is already upon us, which has me so excited for cooler weather, but also ready to get situated for the new season. Being the organized person I am, I like to set aside a little bit of time at the beginning of a new season to press refresh, take a look at what’s to come on the calendar and get my life in order. Here’s how I get organized for Fall:

01. Clean Out Closet – The first thing I like to do when the seasons change is to clean out my closet. I take a look at my current wardrobe and narrow down my clothes. I like to see if there’s anything I didn’t wear all season or the items I maybe wore all the time that need replacement. This is the time that I’m brutally honest with myself – what did I wear, what did I not wear at all, what is out of style or what’s just not cute to me anymore!

02. Donate or Sell Clothing – After I’ve narrowed down my wardrobe, I like to look through the items to see if any of them are worth selling, evaluate the pieces that are in good shape for donation, and bring out my clothes from last year. I usually just donate and don’t try to sell, but I’ve been using Letgo and stopping by Plato’s Closet to sell some of my items. I went to Plato’s last weekend and received just under $30! This way, I’m not just throwing away unworn or slightly worn clothing and instead can give those items a better home.

03. Create a List of Clothes Needed – Since by now my wardrobe is bare (this happens every single time!), I like to take a look through Pinterest and blogs to see if I like any of the current trends and identify the pieces that catch my eye. I then compile these items into a list. For example, if I see that bell sleeves are in for this season, I’ll write down “bell sleeved top” on my list!

04. Create a Wish List – Once I have the list of clothing pieces I need to fill my wardrobe, I like to take a look at boutiques, Target, TJMaxx, and online stores to see if there are any must-have items (I’m always looking for a good deal – affordable fashion all the way!). Otherwise, I’ll just take some time to see if anything pops out at me as I’m out shopping! For example, this Fall, I kept a lot of my pieces from last year and I’m just needing to fill in a few gaps like a duster, a pair of OTK boots, a purse, and a few pairs of jeans. You can check out my wishlist I created for this Fall here.

01. Write a Fall Bucket List – One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new season is to create a bucket list! I like to do a little research online to see what events are going on around where we live, as well as different ideas to get out of the apartment and create a little list of activities to do! This helps us know what’s going on during the season so we can go ahead and put it on our calendar.

02. Set a Time for Deep Cleaning – This is a new activity I’m adding this year to my calendar – though I do have a set time to clean the apartment each week, I think I should also set aside time to do a super deep clean once a month. I think it would be a great time to go through closets, books, makeup, etc. and to get rid of some stuff that we don’t use anymore as well as clean out the fridge and pantry.

How do you get organized for a new season?? Let me know any tips you have down below!