Getting Clear Skin with YoDerm

Getting Clear Skin with YoDerm

*I received this service complimentary from YoDerm for an unbiased review. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

I was approached by YoDerm* a few weeks ago and was so excited about the opportunity of working with them. I rarely had acne throughout high school but have ended up getting it fairly regularly since my freshman year of college. I’ve found that I’m allergic to a few ingredients commonly found in shampoo, makeup, and skincare products. Unfortunately for me, I found this out the hard way and have a lot of redness and scarring as a result. Since then, I’ve been ultra aware about what I put on my skin and have always wanted to see a dermatologist about how I can clear up my skin, which led to my excitement when YoDerm contacted me.

What YoDerm is:
YoDerm is a website that connects people with skin concerns to board-certified dermatologists. The dermatologists use pictures sent in by the user to give a personalized treatment plan completely online.


How it works:
Once on the website, you must enter credit card information to pay for the consultation. The consultation is $59. I’m not sure how much an in-person dermatologist visit is, but if I had to pay for this consultation, I would have gladly paid that much. After I went through the credit card information, I was brought to a questionnaire. I filled out questions about my age, medications I’ve previously taken, my skin type, any allergies, and what kind of treatment I preferred (strong, medium, or mild). Once I finished answering the questions, I attached pictures of each side of my face, but you can do any other area of concern – wherever you need help. They let you know that the doctor will look over your information and pictures you’ve submitted and will send you a diagnosis and treatment plan within 24 hours.

I sent in all my information and received a response five hours later! I was so surprised at the quickness of the process! Dr. Bradley Beckham was my assigned dermatologist and responded with a message which detailed a treatment plan designed just for me.

I received prescriptions for Doxycycline Tablets and Sulfacetamide Sodium 10% Topical Lotion and then an over-the-counter treatment of CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. Each of these prescriptions came with an instruction sheet advising what the product does, directions for use, tips to avoid side effects (for example – dry skin), and things to keep in mind while using the prescriptions.

After choosing the pharmacy that I wanted the prescriptions to be filled at, I could check the user dashboard that displayed when the prescription was filled, what pharmacy, and the pharmacy’s phone number. The dashboard also allows you to message the doctor with any questions you may have.


My thoughts:
I’ve always wanted to see a dermatologist in order to figure out how to clear up my skin but never had the time to take off of work or miss a day of class to sit in a waiting room. One of the biggest upsides to this process for me was that I could do the consultation from the comfort of my own home and not have to worry about scheduling an appointment at the doctor’s office (which I dread going to). I think the use of technology to administer a dermatology consultation in this way is great! However, if you’re someone who likes a face-to-face, personal connection with a doctor, this experience may not be for you.

One of the biggest positives from my experience was the time it took to receive my results. I filled out all of my information on a Saturday morning and received my treatment plan and the message from the doctor a few hours later. Considering it was a Saturday, I was amazed at just how quick the doctor responded to me.

I really like that each prescription came with a detailed instruction sheet that was easy to understand. When I’ve gone to get prescriptions in the past, they all usually came with a really intense list of instructions and side effects that are really complicated. YoDerm has a very easy-to-read list of instructions that help you to better understand why you are receiving the prescription, not just how to use it.

I also wanted to point out that I recently bought the over-the-counter prescribed facial cleanser and have already seen a difference in my skin.

Overall, I loved my experience with YoDerm and would definitely recommend it to any of you out there who are wanting to see a dermatologist, but may not have the time to go to the doctor’s office.

If you’d like to try YoDerm, but aren’t sure about paying $59, YoDerm is giving $10 off for all my readers by clicking here for your consultation.