Going Back to 2012

Going Back to 2012

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a new blog post. Let me explain..

Since July, I’ve been super busy with my new online store and trying to get that up and running and I got so burnt out because I was literally breathing it/thinking about it/working on it 24/7. I was talking to my friend Abby about how blogging became a chore and I had the mindset that I needed to blog for my store. It was an unhealthy relationship. I ended up taking a step back for a few months and put some thought into why I started blogging back in 2012.

I started blogging because I was in all of these business courses at college that sucked the life out of me and didn’t allow me to be creative. I journaled, drew, cut out photos from magazines, and more when I was growing up and blogging was my way of expressing myself in that way while I was at college. I started my blogging journey not knowing that you could monetize or that your following mattered at all. I did it with no intention of anyone ever reading it because it made me happy.

And that’s where I’m picking up. I’m going back to the blogging world of 2012. From here on out, this space will be filled with the things I love. Feel free to follow me on my personal Instagram too where I’ve completely cleaned it out and am starting at square one. I hope you’ll join me.

Welcome to EverCoast.