How I Edit My Photos

How I Edit My Photos

I’ve been getting requests asking about how I edit my photos, so today I’m going to show you all my photo editing process!

Before we get started, here are a few examples of photos I’ve taken and edited & a video of how I edit them:

As you can see, I love white and airy photos. It’s a look that I’m personally attracted to and one that I try to produce in my own photos. Here are a few steps I take to get my photos like this:

01. Turn up the exposure. I try to take my photos in natural daylight, but it’s not always possible to do so. Exposure is a great way to bring some light back into the photo. The level of exposure will depend on your personal aesthetic, but I always like to go really bright and then bring it back down as I change the other levels.

02. Add a little contrast. After I’ve brightened my photo, I like to add a bit of contrast. No photo is alike, so upping the contrast can depend on what the photograph is of. I use contrast sparingly with my photos.

03. Highlights, shadows, whites, & blacks. These also depend on the photo. I typically increase all of these just a smidge in each of my photos.

04. Clarity. I always turn clarity down because I want my photos to look light and airy, not super detailed.

05. Up the vibrancy. Exposure can sometimes wash out colors, so I like to up the photo’s vibrancy and give the photo a little more of a color pop.

06. Lower the temperature. I’m rather attracted to cooler-toned photos, so that’s what I try to display in my photos.

07. Add a pink tint. I started out taking my photos and adding a slight pink tint so my aesthetic is constant. So every picture I edit now includes a slight pink tint or has something pink in it.

Thank you for reading!