How Living Downtown has Changed Our Daily Lives

How Living Downtown has Changed Our Daily Lives

Having been living in Indianapolis for two months now, Gary and I have experienced a few changes in our daily lives. I thought I’d share the changes that have occurred since living downtown.

01. We can walk anywhere. Although this may seem obvious, it’s truly the biggest change to our daily lives. If we want Starbucks, we can walk five minutes and pick up two iced chai tea lattes. If we want to eat dinner out or grab a drink, there are two breweries across the street and various restaurants all around us. It’s so convenient! Another perk of being able to walk anywhere is that it counts as exercise too!

02. We can get almost any food delivered. Speaking of food, living downtown has another perk of easily being able to order and have food dropped off at home. We usually do this if it’s a rainy day, so we don’t have to go outside and get rained on. We use apps like Yelp, Eat24, and OrderUp for all our deliveries.

03. Parking costs money. Coming from the small city of Birmingham, we used to complain that all the close-up parking spots in the lot were taken at the apartment. When we moved to Indy, we had to make the decision of either paying $75 a month to park in our apartment’s parking lot or forcing Gary to scavenge for a spot after work (we chose the latter). Looking back, we were so lucky to have a spot in a parking lot in Birmingham!

04. The grocery store is in walking distance. Forget the days of having to drive to the grocery store! We (Gary) can now walk to the grocery store if we’ve forgotten something on our grocery list, which is amazing. This makes treks to the grocery store really fast and simple.

05. We only have one car. We left my car behind before moving to Indy and haven’t looked back since. This has decreased our monthly car insurance and gas expenses (this is also a greener way of living if you’re into saving the environment). If I ever need to go anywhere, I just hop in a Blue Indy car or on my bike!

06. Our belongings have reduced. Living in a studio apartment, you can only fit so much. So, before Gary and I moved to Indy, we streamlined all of our belongings and only brought the items with us that we truly needed. This minimalism has truly made our new home less cluttered!

Do you live downtown? If so, what’s changed in your daily life?