How My Priorities Have Changed Since Working from Home

How My Priorities Have Changed Since Working from Home

As most of you know, before we moved to Indianapolis, I was in college working an internship and a part-time job. After moving to Indy, we decided that I was going to essentially “work from home” in the sense that I’m pursuing my dreams (more on this in two weeks) and not working a full-time job at a company. Working for someone else is very different from working for yourself, so today, I thought I’d share how my priorities have changed since working from home. 

01. I’m more up for socializing. During college, I was bogged down by working my part-time job in the morning, then going to my internship afterward, and finishing the day with class. I can’t even explain how this schedule made me feel. I was tired all the time. I never felt like socializing with anyone because I was around people all day every day. Granted, I’m an ISFJ, so constant socialization wears me out. Since working from home and being by myself all day, I’ve really come to look forward to getting out and socializing with other people. I’ve truly cherished my time spent with others and being out and about more than I did while in college.

02. My buying habits are different. Before I started working from home, I would spend my money on buying makeup (which I love, obviously) and clothes for a corporate life. Now that I’m not going to a workplace or college every day, I’m definitely more into buying quality, longer-lasting pieces less frequently and not buying makeup near as often, instead opting to use what I already own.

03. My living space is just how I like it. If you would’ve walked into my college bedroom, there were clothes laying around in my closet unhung, my dirty laundry sat around until the weekend, and there were cups sitting around the room. Now, I keep our apartment clean because it’s not only my living space but my working space as well. I like everything to be in its place and organized, though the sink does keep dirty dishes for a few days sometimes.

04. I do the activities I love. While in school and working almost 40 hours a week, it was a miracle if I was doing something I truly enjoyed when I had spare time. The weekends were usually spent catching up on my sleep (if I had the chance), working on assignments, studying, doing laundry, cleaning my room, and getting groceries. Deep down, I was not happy with how I was living my life, but I knew I had to continue on. Now, I do what I love every day. Though I may not be making a full-time income or working my way up the corporate ladder, I’m so happy and content with my life right now.