Creating a Morning Routine

Creating a Morning Routine

A good morning routine is critical to how my day plays out. If I’m in a rush and miss a step, it can give me a rocky start to the rest of the day. Today I’m going to share a few ideas to get you started in creating your own morning routine.

01. Make your bed. It may just be that I live in a tiny apartment, but making my bed makes the room look clean and tidy. I recommend making your bed to have a clear mind first thing when you wake up and also to prevent the temptation of getting back in for another few minutes.

02. Wash your face. I like washing my face when I wake up because that small splash of water makes me feel a little bit more awake.

03. Drink something. I like to start my day with a cold cup of water and a hot mug of tea or coffee. I look forward to a hot drink every morning – it motivates me to get up and out of bed.

04. Take a few minutes for yourself. One of the most important things I do in the morning is my daily readings and prayer. This gets my mind and heart in a positive place first thing in the morning and makes me more apt to be positive throughout the day. Whether you have a prayer or just take a few quiet moments, I recommend getting yourself in a positive place in the morning.

05. List out your to-dos. I recommend writing down all your to-dos for the day so you know exactly what you need to do and are never wondering if you forgot something. This will lead to a more productive day.

What’s a crucial step in your morning routine?