How to Create Your Own Editorial Calendar

How to Create Your Own Editorial Calendar

Before I created an editorial calendar, I used to post on my blog whenever I had a new idea, which gave my blog an inconsistent posting schedule. For some people, this “writing on the fly” thing works and that’s great! I honestly wish it could work for me, but I’m such a planner that it just doesn’t. After I created my editorial calendar, everything changed for me.

An editorial calendar is what marketing teams use to plan all of their content. They use a calendar format to have a better idea of how content is published throughout the year.

For bloggers, using an editorial calendar is beneficial because we can use it plan weeks (or in my case months) ahead of time. Plus, when it’s in a calendar format, it’s easy to recognize holidays and special days to write about.

If the idea is a little overwhelming, I’m here to explain an easy way to create an editorial calendar! If you have a planner, open it up to the calendar view and grab a notebook. When looking at your calendar view, pay attention to any holidays that you may want to write about. Once you’ve planned content for the holidays, begin planning content for the rest of the month and write in what posts are going up on which days. Looking at the calendar view also allows me to plan content around my schedule.

Now, open up your journal. In my journal, I like to keep one month’s worth of content all in the same area. I will go ahead and pre-label all my posting dates in my journal at once so they’re not separated. I write out the date with room enough for the post title, draft, final, photos, scheduled, social, and pin. I check each of these off when completed and then mark the date and post with a green highlighter, signifying the blog post is 100% done.

Do you use an editorial calendar?

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