How to Fall in Love With the Products You Already Own

How to Fall in Love With the Products You Already Own

Being in the blogging community, I think it can sometimes be tempting to buy new beauty products all the time. At one point in my blogging journey, I definitely felt the pressure to have all new products and talk about different items all the time. In today’s post, I wanted to talk about how to fall in love with the products you already own and curb the feeling of needing to buy new. 

01. Go through your stash. I recently had a rummage around all the makeup I own. I found a few items that I hadn’t used in ages that I needed to toss and rediscovered some products that don’t get enough love, so I’ve decided to put them in the rotation now. When you go through and look at what you have, you may find a few products that you haven’t used and can work them into your regular makeup.

02. Clear out what you don’t use. After looking through my stash, I ended up getting rid of unused products. This is a great opportunity to give an unused, good product to a family member or just throw away if a product has gone bad.

03. Incorporate the products you’ve kept. After you clear out what you don’t use anymore, make it a priority to find new ways to use the products you’ve kept. If it’s a foundation, maybe mix it with another foundation for a different look or if it’s a lipstick, lay it over the top of another shade. When you find new uses for your products, you will be less likely to buy products you don’t need.

04. Don’t buy until you use. Set a rule for yourself to not buy a new product until you’ve used one up completely. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed with so many products that you have trouble choosing what to use.

How do you feel about this subject? Do you buy new products frequently or do you try to mix up what you already own before buying new?