How to Get the Perfect Self Tan

How to Get the Perfect Self Tan

We all know that I’m a pretty pale-skinned girl. If I’m in the sun for an hour, I burn. Let’s just say I was the kid who was coated in sunscreen every 30 minutes growing up. I used to be so embarrassed and hated that my mom insisted on applying sunscreen all the time when I was outside. However, times have changed and I truly see the benefits in avoiding the sun (although I love being in the sun) or using 50 SPF and reapplying every hour. I’m not too keen on wrinkly, leather-looking skin.


Although it’s extremely hard for me to achieve a natural tan, I can still achieve a natural-looking tan without being in the harsh sunlight. Let me show you how I get the perfect faux-tan.



What you’ll need:
-Self tanner
-Tanning mitt
-Body wash

STEP ONE: Exfoliate
I like to use an exfoliator all over my body. Make sure you really scrub away! If you need a good exfoliator, I recommend checking out the selection at The Body Shop. They are the only ones that I buy!

STEP TWO: Wash & Shave
After I exfoliate, I use body wash (I really love this one) and shave.

STEP Three: Moisturize
After I get out of the shower and am completely dry, I use lotion all over the dry areas of my body (think elbows, knees, feet – or my whole body if my skin is really dry).

STEP FOUR: Apply Tan
Once the lotion has sunk into my skin, I squeeze a quarter-size amount of tanner on my mitt and start rubbing it into my skin.

After I wait 10 minutes, I put my clothes on and head to bed.

After at least eight hours are up, I hop back into the shower and just let the water and tanner run off.

STEP SEVEN: Moisturize (again)
Once I hop out of the shower and dry off, I apply lotion all over my body and then I’m good to go!

A few recommendations:
-Tan at night so you don’t have to sit in tanner all day
-Use this self-tanner if you have light skin!
-Get someone to help you apply to your back so the tan is even
-Don’t go overboard – you can always reapply in a few days

How do you achieve the perfect self-tan?

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