How to Stay Organized in College

How to Stay Organized in College

As most of you know, college is a balancing act. Between class, a part-time job, club meetings, tutoring, an internship, trying to hit the gym at least once a week, group projects, and attempting to have a social life, college students have to stay organized. Staying organized isn’t hard once you know what works for you. Today, I’m going to give you a few ideas of how to stay organized as a college student.

1. iCal: if you have an iPhone, you have a personal calendar and schedule with you at all times. iCal is a great feature that I started using Junior year and trust me, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Basically, if you’ve never really used iCal before, you can put absolutely anything you want on your calendar. For college students, I recommend adding your classes in one color, your exams in another color, your extracurricular activities in another color, and so on. Then, each day when you pull down your menu on your iPhone, you can see everything you have to do that day, the times, and how far through the day you are. This way, you can pull up your schedule very easily and see what you have going on.

2. Weekly calendar: I use a weekly calendar that sits on my desk so I’m always aware of what is going on while sitting at my desk. On the weekly calendar, I am typically more detailed and write down the nitty-gritty of what I need to do during the week, day-by-day. Using a weekly calendar keeps me on task while I’m sitting at my desk every night.

3. Planner: in my planner, I keep mostly broad descriptions of things going on. These include events, birthdays, days off, trips, bill due dates, and exam dates. Using a planner allows me to see a broad picture of what is going on throughout my semester and what I need to be planning for because I have the ability to look ahead.

4. Folder: since Freshman year, I’ve used the same folder. It’s that good. It has a clear, plastic pocket on the outside that I typically leave my school schedule in. On the inside, it has two pockets and four clear pockets with tabs. This is seriously the best thing ever! I can fit all of my class syllabi, worksheets, etc. in it and it really helps me keep all of my classes separated and organized.

5. Syllabi Worksheet: every semester, I make a sheet with all of my assignments on it. Once I receive my syllabi from all of my classes, I combine them into one worksheet that includes all the assignments, dates, and a space for the grade I received on each. This sheet has made navigating all of my assignments so much easier because I don’t have to flip between each syllabus for each class.

What else do you use to keep you organized?