How to Style a Bar Cart

How to Style a Bar Cart

Bar carts have been really popular in the past year or so. I bought one at Target when I saw it on sale for 60% off or something crazy like that! After I brought it home with me, I didn’t really know how I wanted to decorate it since I was living with roommates. However, now that Gary and I have our own place, I’ve finally put together a fairly well-rounded bar cart. Today I’m going to show you how I styled mine and what essentials you need!

01. Bar cart. First things first, you need a bar cart. Ours is gold with a wood bottom and a glass top. The great thing about bar carts is there is so many to choose from in all price ranges!

02. Glasses. A must-have for your bar cart is glasses. I have two champagne flutes (which are the ones we used for our wedding), two copper mugs, two wine glasses, two beer glasses, and two margarita glasses. I also have two shelves above our bar cart that keep different kinds of alcohol and a set of two whiskey glasses.

03. Shaker. You’ll also need a shaker of some sort. I have a pretty standard one that’s not very pretty but gets the job done.

dfdfd 04. Tools. I have a few tools that I like to keep on the bar cart. I have cheese cutting tools, matches, and a corkscrew.

05. Print. I thought that adding a print to the bar cart kind of tops of the look. Right now, I have one that we used at our wedding, but I think I’m going to change it out for each new season like Lauren Saylor who is my ultimate bar cart go-to girl and inspiration.

06. Straws. I have just a random handful of straws right now on my bar cart that doesn’t even match anything else, but I like keeping them there just in case.

fefee07. Ingredients. Like I said above, I have two shelves that I like to keep a few types of alcohol on instead of placing them on the glass bar cart. I have some Grand Marnier, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. As you can see, they are all nearly full – we actually don’t even drink that often!

08. Napkins. I also like to keep napkins on the bar cart. I think it adds some depth to the flat surface and is great if you have any spills or if you need them as coasters.

09. Personal touches. I think adding a little something that describes you is a great touch to the bar cart. Gary and I added our record player to the bottom of ours as, two mercury glasses, and a “K” ornament. We also have a few items from our wedding on there – the napkins, matches, flutes, and the print.

Do you have a bar cart? How do you style it?