How to Travel in College

How to Travel in College

Some of the best experiences of my life have always been while traveling. I wish I would’ve gone on more trips in college, but with a tight budget and limited time, I hardly ever went anywhere and didn’t think it was possible for me. Today, I’m going to share with you how you can travel in college even if your budget and time are limited and that it’s possible!

01. Go with friends. Traveling with friends is so much cheaper than traveling solo or with one other friend. If you go with a group of friends, you can split the gas, accommodations, and even food!

02. Go for a limited amount of time. Instead of planning a 7-day vacation, opt for a long weekend or 5 days. Giving or taking a day or two will save you some cash.

03. Volunteer. There are several companies that need volunteers to help in other countries. You can pay a trip fee smaller than if you’d traveled there yourself while seeing a new country or area while making a difference.

04. Go off-season. If you travel abroad, make sure you pay attention to the off-season. This is the best time to go visit because there are always fewer tourists and prices are down!

05. Set price alerts. When you’re in the initial stages of planning a trip, make sure you set price alerts or sign up to receive deals on flights!

06. Use Airbnb or stay with friends. Instead of spending a large amount on a hotel room, use Airbnb instead. Plus, if you travel with friends, the price for an Airbnb will be even cheaper.

07. Make your own food. Instead of eating out every day for all your meals, buy groceries at the local grocery store and stock up on ingredients to make easy meals. Eat out once a day at lunch time when prices are lower.

08. Plan ahead. Always make a plan ahead of time so that you are aware of prices for tours, public transportation, and more.

09. Set an overall budget & a daily budget. After you’ve inspected the cost of living in your destination, set an overall budget for your trip and then break the budget down into a daily budget. This will keep you from spending too much.

10. Study abroad. I never had the opportunity to study abroad, but I knew a few people who did. Most everyone comes back having had the time of their lives learning and traveling at the same time!

Thanks for reading!