Maskcara Beauty Before & After | 01

Maskcara Beauty Before & After | 01

My sister, Maggie, had a rehearsal dinner over the weekend and she asked me if I’d do her makeup, so I, of course, said yes! I decided to keep her makeup really simple with a lot of glow and more focus on the eyes.

Skin Type
Oily with some acne scarring and redness

Products Used:

Before I started applying makeup, I had Maggie moisturize with Milk Moisturizer. This moisturizer has changed the skincare game because it’s so thick and creamy but sinks into the skin super quickly! After we let the moisturizer sink in, I sprayed Stay Spray on a IIID Perfector and dabbed it all over her face. The Stay Spray acts as a primer and helped her makeup last all day since she has oily skin!

I then took my Detail HAC Brush and used the small end to apply a tiny amount of her Sunlit highlight to her eyelids. I set the highlight using the Vanilla Dust Setting Powder and blended it in with a IIID Perfector. Since she was going to be out all night, I decided to prime her eyelids with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. While I let that sit for a few moments, I used a 30 Second HAC Brush and applied the Amber highlight to her redness and blended it out with a IIID Perfector. For her eyebrows, we used NYX Brow Mascara.

For her eyes, I used my I Shadow Everything Brush to apply Sabrina Eyeshadow all over the lid as a base. Then, I took Bright Eyes and applied it on top of Sabrina. For the crease, I used Trust and blended it out with the other side of the I Shadow Everything Brush. For the outer corner, I used Gilded and blended it out. For eyeliner, I used Stila Eyeliner. We then used Maybelline The Rocket Mascara for long, natural lashes.

After we finished the eyes, I applied Amber highlight all over her face by stippling it into the skin with the 30 Second HAC Brush. I then took my Detail HAC Brush and applied Sunlit highlight under her eyes, down the center of her nose, the center of her forehead, and her chin and blended it with the perfector. I took the other side of the Detail HAC Brush and applied Shadow contour under her cheekbones, around the edges of her forehead, down the sides of her nose, and along her jawline and then blended it out with my IIID Perfector. I then set her contour with some bronzer (I love this one, plus it’s on sale right now! ).

For blush, I lightly applied a small amount of Ever Red Blush to the apples of her cheeks with my Power Powder Brush. Then, I took my Bare blush with the same brush and applied it on top of Ever Red. Once they were both applied, I blended them out with my IIID Perfector. The result was a very natural flush of the cheeks!

Since Maggie has oily skin, I took Vanilla Dust Setting Powder on my Power Powder Brush and dabbed it on the center of her forehead, under her eyes, on her chin, and along her jawline.

To glow up her look, I used my fingers to apply Honey Illuminator down the center of her nose, on her cupid’s bow, and on her cheekbones. For a little extra glow, I used a small amount of this highlighter.

To finish off her look, I sprayed a IIID Perfector with a little more Stay Spray and dabbed it lightly all over her face for extra staying power! I also put a little bit of Bare on her lips to tie the look altogether.

How do you like her look??

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