Maskcara Beauty

Have you heard of Maskcara Beauty?? Maskcara Beauty is all about seeing the beauty in others and celebrating the natural beauty we were all given. Cara, the creator, was one of the first bloggers I followed so many years ago. The makeup is out of this world – it’s easy to apply, customizable and affordable! What more could you ask for??

More about Maskcara:
-All products are paraben free, gluten free, non-gmo, cruelty free, lead free, and pass the dirty 14
-All products (highlight, contour, illuminator, and blush) can fit in one gorgeous palette
-The makeup is great for all skin types and coverage needs
-All products are customizable and interchangeableĀ (the pans can pop in and out of palette – this is perfect for those of you who tan, etc.)

I love the community of women who show up every day and encourage each other through Maskcara – this is what ultimately helped me make my decision in partnering with the brand and buying the products. If you’re interested in joining the Maskcara community, I’d love for you to join my team! Also, if you’d like the shop Maskcara makeup, you can do so down below!

Products I Use Daily:

Detail HAC Brush
30 Second HAC Brush
IIID Perfector
Marble Mini Double Decker Compact
Bare Lip + Cheek
Ash Contour
Honey Illuminator
Moonlit Highlight

Shop Maskcara Beauty
-Shop Maskcara Beauty here.
-Order under Party #17921
-Artist #5265

If you’d like to be color matched, send me an email to or a DM on Instagram and I can help you out!

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