My Apartment Cleaning Routine + My Tips to Declutter Your Space

My Apartment Cleaning Routine + My Tips to Declutter Your Space

I’ve been seeing this kind of post floating around the internet and have loved reading them. Maybe I’m a bit nosy or a little bit of a clean freak, but either way, I love reading about how people clean their spaces. Here’s my apartment cleaning routine and tips to declutter your space.

Due to both working and living in our apartment, I strive to keep it clean at all times. Sure, there are some days where I let the dishes pile up in the sink, but for the most part, everything is clean and tidy.

I first like to start out by making the bed every morning. This may not seem like “cleaning,” but because there is no separation between my living and working spaces, making the bed is essential. Once the bed is made, the whole apartment looks put together and neat.

Next, I’ve made it a rule that when I cook, I clean as I go. While the food is in the oven, I’m washing and putting away dishes. This way, I don’t have a stack of dirty dishes piled up in the sink to wash after dinner. If the dishwasher is empty, I start filling it up. I always use the dishwasher over the sink because it’s much more efficient for me. After we’ve finished dinner, I make sure to put all leftovers away in containers and wipe down the countertops.

Before we go to bed for the night, I always make sure everything is put away. I really don’t like waking up in the morning to a messy place, so I fold the throws on the couch, organize all my work stuff on my desk, put all kitchen utensils away, etc.

Every Friday is deemed my cleaning day. This is an idea I took from my mom actually. Growing up, we all had to pitch in and clean up the house on Saturday mornings for a few hours. Though it wasn’t my favorite way to begin my weekend, I completely understand where she was coming from now that I have my own place. On Fridays, I start my morning by putting the laundry in the washer. Throughout the day, I change the laundry out, vacuum, clean the bathroom, and dust. Towards the end of the day, I’ll fold all of the laundry and put it away all at once. This allows us to start the weekend with all of our fresh clothes and linens put in their places for us to use.

Living in a 470 square foot apartment has its challenges, but keeping it clean isn’t one of them. However, keeping our apartment not looking cluttered is the challenge. Here are my tips for decluttering your space (especially if you live in a small apartment like us!):

01. Don’t let anything get out of hand. If you see a mess beginning, clean it while you’re thinking about it. I’ve gone time and time again neglecting messes only to end up cleaning a huge mess all at once. To be honest, this is just stressful and a waste of time. Clean when you notice something is getting dirty. It’ll save you time in the long run!

02. Set a time for cleaning. Like I said above, my cleaning days are Fridays. Setting a time for cleaning may be a better fit for your lifestyle. For example, you may set your cleaning time for two hours on Saturday morning when you and your significant other split the tasks (one cleans the bathroom while the other cleans the kitchen, etc.). Once the two hours is up, you can carry on with your weekend.

03. Buy only what you need. I have completely eliminated buying out of want these days. For so long, Gary and I just purchased things when we wanted them instead of evaluating first if we actually needed them. Changing that habit has allowed us to eliminate clutter in our home because everything we need has its own place.

Thanks for reading!