My Blogging Process

My Blogging Process

It really interests me to see how other bloggers find inspiration and put together a blog post. Today, I’m sharing a  behind-the-scenes look at my blogging process. 

01. Inspiration. I’ve spoken about how I get inspired before, but I’ll mention it again. I get inspired by walking away from the computer and focusing on the activities I love. I love riding my bike, reading, spending time with Gary, and traveling. I never force ideas and I never write about topics that I’m not into. Everything you read here is from my heart. Ideas naturally come to me at times, so I keep a notebook where I write down all of my ideas including details of what I want the post to look like. This way, if it’s been a little while between the initial idea and when it goes up on the blog, I have my thoughts jotted down to reflect on.

02. Editorial Calendar. After looking over my list of ideas, I like to schedule when the posts will be going live and include what to post on social media. I do the scheduling in two ways. Initially, I write each post title along with projected dates in the same notebook I mentioned above. Soon after the idea hits the notebook, I write each post in a calendar view on the day it goes live. In order for my editorial calendar to work, I make sure both schedules align with each other. 

03. Draft. Once I’ve aligned my calendars, I start the fun part: writing the posts! I make sure to set aside a time for myself to just dump all of my ideas onto the post. At this point, the content is usually one large paragraph of words. I leave it completely unedited for the time being.

04. Schedule. I like to go ahead and schedule the post in WordPress directly following my creation of the first draft. By formally assigning a go-live date for the post online, I ensure that the publishing process is on schedule. Also, this makes it easy to edit the post before publishing if needed. If I’m having trouble drafting a post, I won’t schedule it as it may need more attention before going live.

05. Take photos. My next step in the process is starting to brainstorm ideas for photos. First, I like to gather the items I think reflect the content of the post. Once I gather the items, I try setting them up in various ways. I like to take multiple photos while mixing up the setup of the products. I then look through all of the photos I’ve taken and pick the best of the bunch. The winning image(s) receive a few edits and get uploaded to the post.

06. Refining. Upon grabbing the perfect photo(s), I head back to the post and refine the written content. This includes breaking up the large paragraph into smaller paragraphs or bullet points. I also go through the post with Grammarly to check the spelling and punctuation of my writing.

07. Social Media. Finally, after creating, editing, photo-ing, and refining the post, I get the social media marketing on the books. This includes creating and scheduling tweets with Buffer and setting reminders to post on Instagram.

What does your blogging process look like?