My Favorite Activewear

My Favorite Activewear

Though I don’t hit the gym five days a week (and most of the time don’t even go once a week), I do enjoy being active and sometimes, clothes are the only thing that’ll motivate me. Today, I thought I’d share my favorite activewear with you.

As you can see, I go for a fairly monochrome look. I like to wear black and grey with pops of color. Usually, when I’m going to the gym, I wear yoga/compression pants with one of the tops in the photos. If we are doing something active outside like riding bikes, I’ll typically wear shorts.


Though I’m not loyal to just one brand for clothes, I always buy Nike shoes. I wore Mizuno’s all throughout my volleyball career, but always opted for Nike whenever I could. There’s just something about their shoes for me, but I definitely encourage you to find what works for you. My love for certain clothes varies – I don’t just buy activewear from one place or another. However, I do have a few favorite items from different places. I really like New Balance’s sports bras that I buy at T.J.Maxx. They are cheap and are always comfortable – so comfortable that I have two of the same kind. I’ve really been getting into Old Navy’s activewear. I buy racerback tops, shorts, yoga pants, and socks from them. The great thing about Old Navy’s activewear is that it’s good quality at low prices – I just bought two pairs of shorts there on sale for $9 each. I also get my yoga/compression pants from T.J.Maxx. Again, they have low prices and are very good quality. For certain shorts and shirts, I own Nike because I love their Dri Fit line. However, I haven’t bought from Nike in a long time purely because their Dri Fit range has really lasted a long time – the three pairs of shorts and one shirt I bought from them over five years ago have all lasted and are still in really good shape.


Some of my favorites in the photos above:
New Balance sports bra from T.J. Maxx (similar)
Vogo Athletica Yoga Pants from T.J. Maxx (similar)
Old Navy Active Racerback Top
Nike black Dri-Fit Shirt (similar)
Old Navy active socks (similar)
Old Navy Black Semi-Fitted Shorts (similar)
Old Navy Active Go-Dry shorts
Nike Dri-Fit Seafoam Shorts (similar)

What does your favorite activewear consist of?