Why We Need Lifestyle Blogs

Why We Need Lifestyle Blogs

With so many blogs out there, I think that sometimes lifestyle bloggers can take the brunt of the industry’s criticism. Sure, lifestyle bloggers don’t always fit into a specific niche or write about just one topic, but lifestyle bloggers do bring so much value to the blogging industry.

Lifestyle blogs are my personal favorite to read. Over the years, I’ve found myself consistently turning to people like Amber, Naomi, Anna, Helene, and Anna L. over “niche” bloggers. There’s something about reading lifestyle blogs that brings me comfort and gives me the feeling that I have a friend, though I’ve never met these women in my life. I’ve heard it said time and time again “you can’t be a successful blogger unless you stick to a certain niche and consistently write about the same three things.” This simply isn’t true. Here’s why we need lifestyle blogs in the blogging industry.

Lifestyle blogs make up an encouraging community.
Lifestyle bloggers are like a big group of friends in the blogosphere. We band together on social media, read each other’s blogs, and are there for each other (through the internet, of course). I have felt so much love in the community between other lifestyle bloggers leaving comments on my Instagram photos, liking my tweets, and even sending me emails. We reach out to each other and help answer questions another blogger might have. Overall, my experience with the lifestyle community has been so encouraging and uplifting.

Lifestyle blogs hold various experiences.
Because lifestyle bloggers don’t just write about one topic and instead write about a variety of topics, we have so many different experiences at our disposal. In my Bloglovin’ feed alone, there are topics such as: “What it’s Like to be an Expat,” “Why Blogging Should Be Accepted As A Successful Career,” and “How to Style the Ikea Hemnes Vanity Table.” I’ve learned how to style different parts of our apartment, blog improvement tips, DIYs, and more!

Lifestyle blogs allow us to see other points of view.
I have learned countless ways of living from reading other lifestyle blogs. It’s been eye-opening to read about how others live and why they’ve made the decisions they have. By reading about other blogger’s lifestyles, I’ve been able to take their experiences and apply them to my own life.

Lifestyle blogs are a place of understanding and friendship.
Lifestyle blogs are a place to open up and share personal stories and adventures. Naturally, this allows readers to learn more about the writer and get to know them better, though they may have never met in real life. For me, reading lifestyle blogs is like reading messages from a friend. It’s an experience that makes me feel like I’m understood by someone who I can relate to.

Are you a lifestyle blogger? What’s been your experience?