Our Christmas Tree + Stockings

Our Christmas Tree + Stockings

This year is Gary and I’s first Christmas being married, so naturally, we were really excited to set up our Christmas tree and stockings. Here are the details..

We bought all of our Christmas decor from Target this year. They were having a few sales the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we decided to buy most of our items then.

Since our apartment is so small and we’ll be living in a small space for a few years, we decided on a 6ft tree and I’m so glad we did. It was on sale for $50 and came with lights, which was perfect!

As for ornaments, I decided to go with a few different colors: copper, gold, silver, blue, and white. While walking through Target, I found the perfect set of ornaments that fit my theme. Other than those ornaments, we’ve included a few special ones like a “K” for our last name, a cross, and an ornament that Gary bought for us that says “all is calm all is bright.” My mom also gave us some small gold and silver ornaments from Marshalls that are perfect for filling in areas on the tree.

For our tree topper, we went with a copper star. I had trouble finding a star but the ones in the store just didn’t fit my theme, so I went on their website and found this one. I thought it was quite pricey for a tree topper, but hopefully, it’ll last for a few years.

I was also looking for a faux fur tree skirt, but I thought the tree skirts were way too expensive, so instead, I used a light grey/blue blanket from Costco around the bottom of the tree. I love the textured look it gives!

Instead of coordinating stockings, we each picked our own. I went for a faux fur stocking and G went with a knit navy stocking that has copper string woven in it. We hung them up on our West Elm shelves right by our tree.

Our apartment feels so much cozier now that our tree and stockings are hung up! How are you decorating your tree?

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