Our Six Month Anniversary, Wedding Details, + Q&A

Our Six Month Anniversary, Wedding Details, + Q&A

photo by Cathrine Taylor

Today is Gary and I’s six month anniversary, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you a few details from our wedding and talk about what we’ve learned in our first six months of marriage.

I’ve shared wedding tips, advice, and a few photos over the past few months, but I haven’t shared too much from our wedding. I thought our six month anniversary would be the perfect time to show you pieces of our wedding day!

I never planned my wedding or knew what I wanted for my wedding growing up. It wasn’t until Gary proposed that I knew exactly what I wanted our wedding to look like. If you’ve read my about me page, you’d know that Gary proposed in Savannah, Georgia, which is one of my all-time favorite destinations. There is so much history, beautiful architecture, and romantic greenery everywhere you look. We are both very laid back and love the vibes of Savannah, so for our wedding day, we kind of recreated it.

I wanted the decor at our wedding to be simple but romantic and very us. Neither of us are “black tie” people as we hardly ever dress fancy or attend high-class events. Therefore, you won’t be seeing anything glitzy in the photos below. Our ceremony was at 1 p.m. and our reception started at 3 p.m. I love the look of daytime photos, which was one of the biggest factors when deciding on the time of the wedding.

Our reception venue was a mansion built in 1905 called The Donnelly House. It had charming white columns in the front, marble floors throughout, a wooden staircase and fireplace frame, string lights, and tons of greenery.

bridesmaid and bride dressesI never knew what kind of wedding dress I wanted – I never thought about it until we were engaged! Once we were engaged, I started looking and found dresses I liked but wasn’t sure about. The one thing I knew was that I wanted a Jenny Yoo dress because she has such elegant designs. My mom actually found my dress on the Jenny Yoo website. Once I saw it, I fell in love with it and actually ordered it online through Nordstrom without trying any other wedding dresses on! My dress took months to be shipped to me because it was made to order (talk about a risk!). After waiting patiently, I finally received it and it was so much prettier than I expected it to be. I ordered the dress in ivory. I loved the tulle, the sheer lace neckline, and open back.

I chose blush pink and gold as our wedding colors because they are my favorite colors and I think they look so cute paired together. Though we had a daytime wedding, I wanted my bridesmaids in a long dress as I like the look of floor length dresses for weddings. I had all of my bridesmaids in the same Jenny Yoo Annabelle dress. I actually stumbled upon this bridesmaids dress when I was daydreaming about our wedding after we were engaged. The dress is convertible – for the ceremony, they all wore it the same style, but for the reception, they picked the style that was most comfortable for them. I really love the way the dresses turned out in the photos – I think they are so gorgeous and flattering!

For my bridesmaids’ hair on the big day, I had them pick out any half-up-half-down style they liked. All of our hairstyles included a braid because I’m obsessed with braids! I think all of our hair and makeup turned out so lovely.details1My mom and I had so much fun choosing details for the wedding. One of my favorite details was the hanger for my dress. We had a unique hanger made for each of my bridesmaids, too. The hangers were custom-ordered from a seller on Etsy.

One detail that Gary and I chose together was our save-the-dates and invitations. In the photo above, you can see our invitation was very simple, just like all of our other wedding decorations, but had a romantic, floral design. We ordered our invitations on Paperless Post. This invitation design, in particular, was a collaboration between Paperless Post and Rifle Paper Co. If you know me, you know I adore Rifle Paper Co., so it was only fitting that I used one of her designs in our wedding.

I had so much fun talking to my florist about my bouquet. I knew that I wanted peonies as they are one of my favorite flowers and are so beautiful. She did an excellent job picking just the right shade of flower mixed with dusty miller. A very special detail for my bouquet was wrapping my rosary around it, which was my “something blue” for the day.
details-2My mom and I scoured Etsy for the perfect entrance sign for our reception and stumbled upon this one. The design went perfectly with our floral theme, so we decided to buy the file and print it!

Now onto the cake – Gary and I wanted our cake to be very clean and simple. We had a friend’s grandma actually make our cake while the florist added flowers and a few pieces of green (which turned into a lot of green when our caterer manager lady failed to show up and some ladies volunteered to help us out). I also knew that I didn’t want a traditional cake topper, so instead, we opted for a wooden one created with our names (that actually broke right before it was put on – you win some and lose some!).

For the champagne, we used these “his & hers” flutes that my mom actually found at TJMaxx, which I loved! They were so cute and simple.


Outside at the reception, there was an outdoor fireplace that I had our florist decorate with all kinds of flowers, greenery, and candles. The end result looked like something off of Pinterest! I thought it turned out so elegantly.

Past the dancing area, our reception venue had a garden area where people have their ceremonies. This area was where we had a cigar bar for all the guys who wanted to smoke a cigar and have a drink. I think it turned out really nice!

One detail that I think I may have found on Pinterest was having a wreath made of baby’s breath. This may seem like a random choice, but I love baby’s breath and had it incorporated in several places throughout the wedding (my little cousin’s flower girl crown, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, etc.). I thought that the wreath made the front door look very welcoming for all of our guests.

When thinking about what we were going to do for the tables, I brought up using bottles as a cheaper alternative (I had seen in other weddings), and we all agreed that it was a great idea! In the months leading up to the wedding, my parents and all of our friends started collecting wine bottles, beer bottles, whiskey bottles, you name it! My parents kept all the bottles in the garage where they coated them with gold spray paint. I knew I wanted flowers on all the tables, but I didn’t want to pay for large amounts of them. Our solution was to put a few flowers and a bit of greenery in the bottles, which my florist did a fantastic job assembling on the day of! We also included pictures of Gary and me throughout the years of our relationship and mercury glass candle holders with tea lights in them on the tables.


As reception favors, we gave plastic cups that said “The Best Day Ever Carrie & Gary 5.7.16” on them. I loved this idea because all throughout college, Gary and I used cups like this (from Momma Goldberg’s, a sandwich shop in Birmingham) as drinking glasses at our respective apartments. I thought it was only fitting that we gave gifts with some practical value to our guests! We filled the cups with Hershey kisses and blush-colored filler.

As I mentioned above, the reception venue had the most gorgeous wooden staircase and fireplace frame. For both the fireplace and the staircase, we had my florist create floral garlands. I love the way they turned out!

On our “king’s table” (where we sat with our bridal party and their significant others), we had a large “K” and mercury candle holders with “C” and “G” on them.



We also had napkins which featured the same design as the cups. For the cigar bar, we had matchboxes with our names on them.


For the cake cutting, my mom gifted us a gold cake server and cake knife from Anthropologie. They added such a nice touch to the entire experience. On the inside of the venue, we had prints scattered throughout (found at Hobby Lobby) along with more pictures of Gary and I and our families. Instead of cake for the guests, we provided four different flavors of cupcakes to choose from. The cupcakes had little flags on them with gold details.

That’s it for the wedding details! Read on for the Q&A:

What is the hardest part about living with someone all the time?
Gary: The hardest part about living with Carrie is probably not being able to live in uncleanliness without her noticing. Since there is someone else living with me, I have to be mindful of picking up after myself or ensuring that I don’t leave items/areas dirty.
Carrie: I think the hardest part about living with Gary was/is teaching him the level of cleanliness I want to maintain. For example, he leaves glasses everywhere, so I have to remind him to put them in the dishwasher if he’s done with them (or I’ll just pick them up if he’s not around).

Was anything harder to do than you expected?
Gary: Going grocery shopping every week turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Who knew walking around a store picking up random items could take so much time and effort? I probably cooked for less than 15% of my meals during school, so I had grown accustomed to simply eating on-demand; I never had to deal with the process of buying and making a meal from start to finish.
Carrie: I’d say sticking to a budget was pretty hard for me because I was used to buying things when I wanted them (for the most part). However, once we were engaged and then married, I started thinking more about what Gary and I both needed over what I wanted.

What is something the other person has taught you how to do?
Gary: I think better methods of personal hygiene lands at #1 on this list. Also, Carrie taught me how to make coffee on our honeymoon (though she still lovingly makes my coffee at 6:30 AM every morning before I go to work).
Carrie: Gary has taught me how to find really good deals and to always pull items from the back at the grocery store.

Best memory of the past six months?
Gary: There are too many to count. From the incredible two weeks we enjoyed in Hawaii to the simple nights at home watching Harry Potter movies until we crash, every day with Carrie is an unforgettable and wonderful adventure.
Carrie: We’ve made so many great memories in the past six months! I think one of my favorite memories was waking up the morning after we got to Kauai. We arrived on the island late at night, so it was pitch black outside by the time we got to our condo. However, in the morning, we got up and walked outside on our patio to the most beautiful view of the beach. I remember we were standing there with our mouths wide open, freaking out, and asking each other “how can this possibly be real life?” We spent the rest of the day sitting on the beach talking. It was such a great day like every day we spend together.

If you’d like to see any other wedding posts, please let me know!

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