What to Pack for Iceland in Summer

What to Pack for Iceland in Summer

 Our big trip this year was to Iceland and I definitely learned so much about traveling just from this trip alone, so I thought I would share some tips with you guys. I’d like to start out by sharing what to pack when visiting Iceland in summer!

We went to Iceland the second week of May and had great weather the majority of our trip. However, as I’m sure you know if you’re planning a visit to Iceland, the weather changes in an instant, so it’s better to be prepared than not! Here are my tips along with my packing list:

Tip #1: Pack minimal makeup. For our trip, I packed my makeup “essentials” and quickly realized I brought way too much makeup! I ended up just wearing concealer and waterproof mascara every day. This was the perfect amount because I didn’t look like I was dead, but didn’t have to worry about what I looked like. When you’re exploring waterfalls, hiking, and road tripping, it’s best to bring a small amount of makeup so you can save some room in your luggage.

Tip #2: Pack layers. An Iceland summer is definitely different than the what we’re used to here in the States! While we were there, snow was still covering the mountain peaks, some areas were really cold and windy, while others were warmer. One day I was wearing wool socks, jeans, a t-shirt, a pullover, my two-layered jacket, mittens and a beanie. The next day I was wearing leggings and a t-shirt! The locations you’re visiting will determine what you take with you, but be sure to pack layers (t-shirts, long sleeves, a pullover, a set of thermals, jacket, etc.) because you never know what the weather will be like!

Tip #3: Pack a towel. One of the items I didn’t bring but wished I did was a towel. We got soaked walking behind waterfalls and really wished we had brought a towel along with us. Thank goodness we had a change of clothes in the car because we moved from place to place; if you’re not, make sure you take a towel with you!

Tip #4: Pack a water bottle. One item I’m so happy we took with us was a water bottle. We each packed our own and they came in handy when we were hiking! Iceland’s water is so clean that you can fill up with water almost anywhere. It’s a must-have item to pack!

Tip #5: Use packing cubes. I can’t harp on this enough – use packing cubes to make the most of your carry on. Gary and I fit so many layers in our luggage because we used packing cubes. You need some no matter where you’re traveling!

What clothes to pack:
01. Two-layer jacket
02. Fleece pullover
03. Base layers
04. T-shirts
05. Waterproof hiking boots
06. Tennis shoes
07. Jeans
08. Backpack
09. Scarf
10. Mittens
11. Swimsuit
12. Wool socks
13. Beanie
14. Waterproof pants
15. Leggings

I’ll see you back here on Friday for the first part of my Iceland travel diary!

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