Product Review | Maybelline Master Contour

Product Review | Maybelline Master Contour

While I was in Target one afternoon, I just couldn’t help myself and wandered over to the beauty section. I stopped at the Maybelline products and had a look. The Master Contour face contouring kit stood out to me as I had seen beauty YouTubers talking about it recently. I picked up the light to medium (10) shade and added it to my basket.


Once I got home, I quickly opened the product and had a good look at it. Over the next few weeks, I began trying it out. Here are my thoughts:

Though I really like the packaging of this product and the actual tins of product are a decent size, I wish it had a mirror. The packaging doesn’t look cheap and is a good size.

The contour is a great shade for us lighter skin-toned girls. It seems to me that is has a pink undertone to it a little bit. However, the formula is perfect for me and is very natural looking. It’s easy to apply and blend into the skin.

I like the blush shade as well – it’s a very natural, rosy pink color for the cheeks. The formula is very pigmented and a little definitely goes a long way.

The highlighter is really nice. The formulation is good, but could be better (however, we are talking about a drugstore highlighter here). It takes a few applications to get it where I like it, but could definitely vary from person to person.

Overall thoughts
Overall, I really like this product. I think it’s great for traveling because you knock out carrying three separate products with you. I love the contour especially because it’s one of the only contours I’ve found that go with my skin tone and don’t turn me into an oompa loompa. While testing the product, I noticed that the product stayed all day, which is very important for me – I want the products to last all day and not look like they’ve disappeared. For the small price of $8.99, I truly think this is a great product!

Have you tried Maybelline’s Master Contour Kit?

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