Q&A With Borrowed & Blue Part II

Q&A With Borrowed & Blue Part II

photo by Cathrine Taylor

I’m very excited to share part II of my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue today! If you missed my first post in collaboration with Borrowed & Blue, make sure you read it here. In that post, I answered a few questions about our wedding planning process leading up to the big day. Today, I’m collaborating with them again to answer a few questions post-wedding.

Congrats on your wedding! How do you feel now that the planning is all over?
Thank you! Relief! Our wedding day was incredible and all our (and my mom’s) handwork paid off. Plus, married life is so awesome.

What was the most fun part of planning your wedding?
One thing I really enjoyed was picking out our invitations. Gary and I had a great time going through different designs and picking out the one that best suited our vision. I also really enjoyed working with our florist to walk through what flowers I wanted. She did such a great job bringing my thoughts and pictures to life. Another aspect of wedding planning I loved was going to my hair and makeup trial. I didn’t really have a specific look I wanted, but Danielle did such a great job making me feel my best.

The most stressful part?
To be honest, one of the most stressful parts of planning the wedding was worrying about the weather! Our reception was outside, so if it rained, we would have had to have the reception inside, which is not what I wanted or pictured. Thank goodness it didn’t rain and we had such beautiful weather!

Did you have any last-minute planning changes? Any day-of disasters that had to be dealt with?
Yes! The caterer manager who we had worked with throughout the entire planning process didn’t show up on the day-of. Gary and I had planned with her months before that she would have two plates of food ready for us so that we could eat before the reception and she was supposed to assemble our cake – both of which had to be done by my mom and a few other ladies who volunteered to help out.

If you knew what you know now, what would you have done differently?
Knowing what I know now, I may have brought on a wedding coordinator for the day-of in order to keep everything going smoothly and be a middle-man between the groomsmen and bridesmaids for before-wedding pictures at the church.

What moment stands out most from your wedding day?
When I think back to our wedding day, I remember being SO nervous before walking down the aisle to see Gary, but all the nerves left as my dad gave me away. It was such a sweet and memorable moment. I also love the memory of being surrounded by our family and friends dancing to Armenian music. Everyone was gathered around, clapping and having a great time.

What do you wish you would have known before you started planning your wedding?
I wish I would’ve known how much effort goes into making your “dream wedding” come true. I’m the first child and daughter in my family, so I didn’t know what it would be like to plan a wedding. It truly takes so much time and effort to bring all your ideas to fruition.

What Birmingham wedding vendors did you work with?
We worked with Bella Bridesmaids, Yellow Bicycle Catering, Cathrine Taylor, and the Donnelly House.

Which vendors (whether you worked with them or not) would you recommend to other Birmingham couples?
I would definitely recommend Bella Bridesmaids, Cathrine Taylor, and the Donnelly House! Jeana Lee at Bella Bridesmaids helped me hone in what I wanted my bridesmaids to wear and I left the store purchasing dresses for all three bridesmaids! The gowns were beautiful and Jeana Lee really left a great impression on me. Cathrine Taylor was such a dream to work with on our wedding day. Her and her twin sister showed up so early in the morning, cameras ready with smiles on their faces! She captured our wedding exactly how I imagined it. Catherine is so sweet and thoughtful. I encourage every Birmingham bride to work with her! At The Donnelly House, we worked with Carl. He was so great and has a great sense of humor. He helped us organize our day just how we wanted and recommended some great vendors.

What advice do you have for couples just getting engaged?
I would say don’t just plan for your wedding, plan for your marriage. It’s so easy to get caught up in decorations and the guest list, but harder to focus on your relationship. The wedding is just the beginning of a long journey and life together, so don’t stress and enjoy it!

Thanks to Borrowed & Blue for following us through our wedding journey! You can see our wedding featured on Borrowed & Blue here. For those of you currently planning Birmingham weddings, be sure to check out their website.