Shop Small Gift Guide 2017

Shop Small Gift Guide 2017

Blessed Is She // Brass & Mint co. // Frankie Phoenix // Be A Heart Design // Chalkfulloflove // Chatterbox Paper Co. // Colorly Love Phone Grips // Saranoni Luxury Blankets // Black Sheep Non-Toxic

‘Tis the season for gift giving! I’ve already started buying Christmas gifts for family and plan to get everyone’s gifts settled well before Christmas this year. I thought about doing a gift guide this year, but being a small business owner, I thought I’d put a twist on the standard gift guide. I did make a page on my blog for gift ideas if you’d like to check it out, but this year, I thought why not share gifts from small businesses! The reason why I love supporting small businesses is because when you buy, you’re not buying from a huge company – you’re usually buying from someone who is pursuing a dream. Here’s what I found from some of my favorite small businesses:

01. Blessed Is She – This business is near and dear to my heart because it has impacted my spiritual well-being so much. Though I don’t talk about my faith on my blog or social media accounts very often, it’s a huge part of my life. Blessed Is She offers communities for Catholic women all over the world online and in-person. They send out daily devotionals that go along with each day’s readings and more. The reason I mentioned them in my shop small gift guide is because they are the first business to ever create a Catholic journal bible. You can pre-order one here now!

02. Brass & Mint co. – Carolyn, the owner of Brass & Mint co., creates the most beautiful, hand-lettered and watercolor prints. She has the cutest little family and seems like such a sweet person! One of her hand-lettered prints would make a great gift for someone who is decorating their home. I personally love this print she makes!

03. Frankie Phoenix – FP is my go-to online store for clothes. I’ve bought from them several times and love all of the clothing they offer! They have some great, quality pieces that are also affordable. I added them to my shop small gift guide because they have some super cozy sweaters, cardigans, and jackets that would be great options for the ladies in your life!

04. Be A Heart Design – Erica at Be A Heart Design came to Indianapolis last year and did a calligraphy class that I went to and I loved every minute of it! I had so much fun and learned so much in the class – Erica is SO sweet and she is incredibly talented. She offers an array of starter kits and workbooks that would make a great gift for a creative or anyone who is wanting to learn lettering – I have this calligraphy kit and LOVE it!

05. Chalkfulloflove – Sarah is absolutely amazing at what she does! She creates mugs, sweatshirts, pillow covers, and more! I literally want everything on her website because all of her products are so beautiful! Not to mention, her branding is on point and she is so fun to follow on Instagram. Check out her gorgeous Christmas Collection here!

06. Chatterbox Paper Co. – I recently stumbled upon Chatterbox and I’m so happy I did because I’m in love with their mail subscription! The owners, Sarah and Christina, are so incredibly talented. They send out a subscription box once a month filled with luxury paper items that have a theme (think: gift tags, greeting cards, and prints for Christmas). For example, December’s box is all about giving. Check out there December box here!

07. Colorly Love Phone Grips – I found this new company on Instagram and love their little phone accessories! They’re like pop sockets, but I love their designs so much better! They’re great because not only can you put them on the back of your phone for a better grip, but you can also clip your phone up in your car with these phone grips! This one is my favorite.

08. Saranoni Luxury Blankets – I also recently found Saranoni and I’m so happy I did! They have the most luxurious blankets and I want them all! They have blanket sizes ranging from mini to extra large. Their smaller blankets would be great for friends or family members with little ones and their larger blankets would be great for newly married couples or those furnishing a home. This color is my absolute favorite – it looks so cozy and soft!

09. Black Sheep Non-Toxic – A few months ago, I was at a farmer’s market and stumbled upon Black Sheep Non-Toxic. The owner, Toni, was so kind and talked me through all the different products she makes. She hand makes bath bombs, sugar scrubs, essential oil blends, hand soaps, and more! Her products would make great gifts for someone who needs to be pampered!

I didn’t include my personal businesses, but if you’d like to take a look I have my online shop, Stella & Tide, where I sell handmade jewelry and minimalist sweaters and I also sell Maskcara makeup that you can shop here or read more about here.

I hope you all enjoyed my shop small gift guide! I’ll be sharing two other gift guides, so be sure to tune in for those!