Six Swimsuit Styles You Need Now

Six Swimsuit Styles You Need Now

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Hi, everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Beach season is finally here! If you’re heading somewhere tropical this summer, it’s only fitting that you update your swimsuit collection. Whether you’re a sporty bikini kind of girl or one who prefers to cover up, there’s plenty of options out there for you! See the six swimsuit styles you need now + shop my picks down below:

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01. High-Waisted Swimsuit – This retro look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon! Though I’ve yet to try it, the high-waisted style looks great on every body type! I think this style is perfect for water activities or if you’re trying to get a little less sun because you’re sunburnt!

02. Off the Shoulder Swimsuit– I think off the shoulder swimsuits are ultra feminine. They’re perfect for getting those tan lines while looking super chic! They’re even cuter in a striped print.

03. Wrap Swimsuit – The wrap-style swimsuits are a cute take on the classic bikini style. I love how the wrap gives the swimsuit a cutout look!

04. Strappy Swimsuit – If you don’t mind all different kinds of tan lines, strappy-style swimsuits are a great option. I love that the straps add another dimension to the swimsuit!

05. One Piece Swimsuit – I recently purchased a one piece swimsuit and have fallen in love with the style. One pieces are perfect for water activities when you don’t want to worry about the waves taking a piece of your swimsuit with it!

06. Rashguard Swimsuit – Perfect for the sporty girl, rashguards are great for ocean activities like paddle boarding and surfing. They’re so flattering while shading you from the UV rays.

What swimsuits are you loving this summer?

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