Staples Every College Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

Staples Every College Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

College is the pivotal time where we make connections, become young professionals, and endure presentations and interviews galore. For me, college was the time I began to work in a professional environment and wanted my coworkers to take me seriously though I was still a student. A wardrobe is utterly important to looking professional and taking that next step into the “real world.” Like Gary always says: “dress for the job you want to have.” Here are a few staples I think every college girl needs in her wardrobe and what to wear to different activities.

Every college girl needs the following in her wardrobe:
01. Blazer(s) – Blazers are obviously an essential for class presentations and interviews. I recommend buying a black and a light, blush pink (almost cream colored) blazer. These two colors got me through my whole college career – I highly recommend them.

02. Blouses – I’m not a huge fan of the traditional work blouses, but there are some comfortable ones out there. H&M has a good selection of blouses to choose from that won’t break the bank. I recommend a few different colors like grey, white, striped, light pink, and patterned.

03. Suit pants – Another essential for class presentations and interviews. I recommend a long, black pair and some patterned ones as well. During college, I really loved wearing skinny chinos and suit pants from H&M. They have a really good selection – plus, they have some really cute patterns!

04. Comfortable flats – Comfortable flats were huge for me in college. I’m not comfortable in heels, so I always opted for flats. You will get tons of use out of a black pair of flats! I recommend these.

What to wear to class
For class, I think it’s important to dress in a way that exudes professionalism but is comfortable since you’re in class for long hours. Jeans can be styled to look more dressed up than they actually are. I loved wearing jeans with a sweater or cardigan for a dressier feel. Styled with flats or with your shirt tucked in, they’re so cute!

01 // 02 // 03 // 04

For the internship or part-time job
For an internship or part-time job, you’ll most likely have some sort of dress code. I worked in extremely casual work environments, so I was able to wear jeans all the time. However, if you’re work environment is a little less casual but you can still wear jeans, make them look a little more buttoned-up with a pair of heels or nice jacket.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

For the interview
When interviewing, how you dress depends largely on what kind of job you’re interviewing for. I studied human resource management and entrepreneurship, so for my interviews, I tried to emulate what people who work in those careers dress like.

01 // 02 // 03 // 04

What are some other staples you think every college girl needs in her wardrobe?

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